Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 222

Sunday I visited the UP Church in Inglewood, CA where Della Reese is the pastor. I had been wanting to go there for a long time and since I am currently without a church home, I feel a bit of a void in that area of my life. I prefer to have a spiritual institution to give my tithes to. Not to mention that the service there starts at 1PM. Now that's my kind of church!
As I sat in the congregation, I was reminded of the time when I was a professional game show contestant. I worked for various production companies trying out developer's ideas in "run-throughs" all over town. Sometimes we would even get to the pilot stage where you could really make a little money. One show I worked on was based on the premise of trying to identify the true relationships of the guests. A celebrity guest had one person on either side of them. One person was who they said they were and the other was an imposter. Della Reese had recently married Franklin Lett. Asking us a series of questions, the contestants were supposed to figure out which was true, was I her daughter or was Franklin Lett her husband? One of the questions asked of Mr. Lett was, "Where did you take your wife on your honeymoon?" He had to think about it for a minute which led the contestants to believe that I was actually Della's daughter. Later we found out that Franklin had to take that long pause because they travel so much he couldn't remember which trip was the honeymoon. Niiiice. Anyway, I asked Mr. Lett in church on Sunday if he remembered that and he said no, so even though I plan to visit the UP church again I don't think I will bother to tell Rev. Della that I was (only for a brief moment) known as, Carlease Reese.

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  1. You lead such an interesting life! I love hearing about it.