Monday, May 31, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 108

Tomorrow was originally the day I was to arrive in New York to take my Mom to see a new baby in the family but instead I have to run around getting police reports, figured out what to do with her damaged car, try to get some answers from doctors and health care administrators and deal with her insurance company. What a turn of events. Just when I thought I had it all figured out, I get a call from a family friend, who starts telling me what he thinks I should do in a weird and wacky way, then sort of insults me because I happen to be a little emotional about this potentially life-changing time in our lives.
I'm also emotional because I'm put off by the people in my life (and my Mom's) who have given us the impression that they would be there if there was ever a need. Where are those people now? Some people are all mouth and no action. In a situation like this, I'm not going to beg anyone to help me, but don't say I can count on your support if you don't mean it. This will all work out, I just know it will, with or without help from the flakes. Who needs them anyway. Like I said before, I'm putting all my trust in God on this one, to guide me one step, one day at a time.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 107

Took the day off (so to speak). Got away from worrying about things I can't do anything about right now and let a very special someone take care of me today. Tomorrow we will seek out answers to some very important questions and prepare for Tuesday, a day that promises to be the type of day I don't even have the words to describe.
After a beautiful breakfast, and an afternoon at the African Marketplace in Brooklyn, my sweetie took me to a good old-fashioned house party BBQ. I didn't expect to know anyone there and I didn't until a high school friend of mine showed up, one of the baddest bass players around, Barry Johnson! We had been trying to connect for a few years now, but every time we were on the same coast at the same time, our schedules conflicted. Today's meeting was indeed fate. He had a lot of insight into my situation with my Mom and we will definitely connect while I'm here which may be a while. I'm so uncertain about the future right now. I just pray that I know the right move at the right time. I trust that I will because I trust in God.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 106

Got my Mom a new phone today. What a pleasant experience. The people at AT&T in Fresh Meadows were awesome. So patient. They set everything up for Mom in a way that I could understand. They even sold me a bluetooth for my Sprint phone so I could get an instant rebate. Back at the "facility" I showed my Mom how to use it and chatted with a couple of her guests. Mr. Pringle (the handyman....hmmmm) and a neighbor Mrs. Miles. It was fun catching up and hearing about her daughters Brenda and Debbie. We used to play on the block together when we were little and now Brenda has a 30 year old son!! It's hard to imagine especially if you have no kids.
No drama today, but I'm still tired so I'm going to bed after this short blog. Mom is doing well. We're looking forward to seeing her doctor on Thurs. We're ready to move on...we don't like this "facility".

Friday, May 28, 2010

A Clear Channel -Day 105

It's been quite a long, emotional day. Being an only child, a baby boomer with an elderly parent, I knew that this time in my life might come. I just always prayed that I was prepared for it and in some ways I am, yet you can never really prepare for change. There's so much going on with my Mom right now. First dealing with the accident details themselves, her health/recovery and then what next? I'm grateful for my program, clarity and friends who are guiding me through this whole process. I've always experienced my mother as indestructible, invincible, tough as nails, take no prisoners. Her demeanor is quite different these days which makes it easier to get along with her but I'm not familiar with this new Mom, so it feels very strange.
Had errands to run (police station, towing place, getting my Mom and new cell phone) and people to talk to, one in particular who was not very nice. I told the insurance representative about it and let her know I have people on the "inside". One thing I have learned from program, is to call on help. I used to think I could do everything by myself (guess who I got that from?) but today, I know I can't. It's easy to go it alone when you know what you're doing but why suffer when you don't? The other thing I have learned is to receive help from those who are genuinely offering assistance and don't waste time or energy on those who obviously aren't there for you. And then there are those people who may think you don't need anything from them or feel they have nothing to offer, so you need to be unafraid and very specific. I'm learning to recognize people's individual strengths and ask for back up.
Right now I'm asking God for a good night's sleep. I'm gonna let myself rest until my body is ready to get out of bed or the phone rings, whichever comes first. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 104

Arrived at JFK at 2AM (almost 24 hours ago). After a decent night's sleep, I gathered up some stuff, bought a cute little floral basket and some NY style Chinese food and went to see my Mom. I don't want to call this facility a nursing home, but it's ....nursing home. Neither one of us is particularly happy about that but until I really get all the info I need, that's what we're dealing with. For now.
I feel like I'm entering a new chapter, a new phase of my life and it's a bit scary. It's certainly unfamiliar territory for me, caring for my Mom. Even though we've lived 3,000 miles away for a quarter of a century, she's always been the strong one. In control and running things 24/7. If anyone has seen my solo show, you have an idea of what I'm talking about. All of that is about to change, I can just feel it. I've had my "moments" already, but I will not let my Mom see me upset. I've got to be strong for her like she's been for me all these years. For the first time ever, I heard her say today that she doesn't know about living in her house any longer. Wow. That's big. So what next? We don't know. The most important thing is her recovery from the car accident and I trust and pray that God will show us the next step at the right time. I have some amazing friends to support me through this (Thank you Parker, Danny, Cindy and Donna) and more importantly, I'm home.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 103

Worked on the feature film HOP today. Recently whenever I show up on set, people from all departments remember me from other projects we've worked on. One of the cameramen knew me from HEROES, there were other familiar faces too but the highlight was the 1st A.D., Michelle. I instantly remembered her from the film BOUNCE. I worked on the last day of shooting on that film, the day Ben Affleck gave her his car, a sporty red convertible Mustang just because she liked it so much!! That was several years ago. She said she still has that car, her son is driving it now.
HOP was a fun set to work on. Everyone was friendly, the director was just adorable and everyone seemed to be having a good time. His wife was part of the casting process and ended up playing the role I originally auditioned for. Once again, the food was amazing. The cater from New Orleans threw down (lunch) like it was some one's family reunion. I'd better do a lot of walking while in New York which shouldn't be problem.
Another one of today's highlights was listening to a young actor excitedly call his "dudes" throughout the day to tell them his scene was with Chelsea Handler. The rest of the time he was rehearsing his lines over and over again. Then he found out he would be missing out on an audition tomorrow because he had to return to the set of HOP. They weren't going to get to him today. (Just like me on that SONY spot yesterday). It happens sometimes. He was freaking out because he didn't want to audition for this part he felt he was right for on tape. He wanted to do it in person. As we were signing out, I apologized for ease-dropping (even though I couldn't help but hear him through our thin honey-wagon walls) but I told him Steven Spielberg cast me from a tape for The Terminal and I gently reminded him that the director for this movie was not in the room when we auditioned. He was so appreciative for that. See? Ask Stage Mom, I'll hook you up. One of the things I found out about him is that he's a comic, so I invited him to do a set at Laugh-A-Latte. It was so nice to be a witness to his passion for his work and this business. I have a feeling we will be seeing more of him. I'll let you know when I do.
Well God has been showering me with blessings lately. He obviously has a plan. My cup runneth over. I've got jobs, money and peace of mind. Now I can to NY and give to my Mom.

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 102

There's no business like show business... I got paid today to sit around and eat snacks, check in on my Mom, get updates from my cousins and enjoy a really good lunch. Am I complaining? Absolutely not!! I was working (or supposed to be) on a SONY PSP commercial with child star Bobb'e Thompson. I was going to be his Mom in this spot. It was quite a different vibe from the GEICO spot last week. Today was a little chaotic but I can't say it came from the director but from someone else in charge. I didn't get the feeling the he was someone who people enjoyed working for. Everyone seemed a bit nervous and sometimes confused. I had way to much on my mind to even get involved, so I stayed out of the way until needed and that moment never came...I was released at 5:30PM with many apologies from the director for not getting to me. They even forgot me at lunch. I was hanging out in a sort of Zen garden with the craft services guy and thought that things had gotten rather quiet. Then I overheard someone ask him if he was going to lunch. I stuck my nose in that conversation and was immediately escorted to the shuttle to take me to base camp where lunch was being served by the same catering company as the GEICO commercial. Yummy! I had the most fun with the wardrobe, hair and make-up crew. I live literally moments away (I could have walked to work) so all in all it was a decent day.
Spoke to my cousins and my Mom who has been relocated from the hospital to the rehab facility and she's not impressed. Just one more day here, working on the movie tomorrow and then I'll be right by her side...hopefully to take her home. I know she would prefer that. As soon as I secure this rental car, my mind will be at rest. For now.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 101

Why is it whenever I'm getting ready to leave town I feel the need to do all the things I've been procrastinating about? All of a sudden, I feel compelled to clean out my closet, wash my car, balance my checkbook and remodel the bathroom! Well the most important task has been my flight. Done. Now I need to slow this brain down, get in bed and get ready for my shoot tomorrow. When that is done, I'll move on to the next travel priority. Mom is doing fine, by the way. She said the doctors are very pleased with her progress. She's in really good spirits and I know she is being an excellent patient.

A Clear Channel - Day 100

Woke up at 4AM and couldn't get back to sleep. I started thinking about all that I needed to do to prepare to go take care of my Mom. A friend of mine told me yesterday to get a good nights sleep and when I woke up I would know what to do. I was feeling so bad that I wasn't with my Mom already and that I had two jobs that would prevent me from leaving until Wed. I got up made a list. I waited a while before calling my Mom because I thought it was too early. When I finally called, I was surprised that she had had surgery already. She said they operated on her knee around midnight and she was in her hospital room about 2:30AM. None of us expected that. She sounds great. In good spirits, very comfortable and happy with the hospital and its staff but admitted that she could really feel the pain today. Well I guess so! She's had visitors and lots of phone calls even from my dear friend Mark Maxwell-Smith. I feel so much better now. I went out this evening to make a red carpet appearance at a Harvey Milk Day party then to see my friend David Dean Bottrell in STREEP TEASE. Now, it's all about work and leaving for New York. Tomorrow I get to focus on me and what has to be done around here. I'll let you know how it goes.

Friday, May 21, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 99

Lord have mercy, what a day! Started off with a wardrobe fitting for the film I thought I was doing on Monday, then off to a commercial audition also shooting on Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday. From there I went to meet with a client at the now infamous Hollywood and Highland and stopped to get some lunch at Baja Fresh since I was early. I sat across from the Gruman's Chinese Theatre watching the people dressed up in costumes taking photos with the throng of tourists strolling along the boulevard. I wondered, "What kind a person dresses up like Sponge Bob Square Pants, Wonder Woman and Spider Man? How much could they possibly get paid? "Why does Spider Man's outfit look so dingy? Who do they report to for work and just how sleazy is that boss?" After finishing my lunch, I was trying my best to avoid getting any where near those "characters" when The Incredible Hulk leans over and says, "I love your work." What else could I say but thank you. Wow. That was a very humbling moment. He was just a guy (maybe an aspiring actor) doing what he had to do to make in Hollywood.
I still had about 45 minutes til my client arrived so I went into Sephora, the make-up store. I seem to be allergic to MAC eyeshadow, so I took this opportunity to try something new. I was trying on different colors and was just about to make a selection when I got the news. My cousin called from back east to tell me that my mother (also back east) had been in a car accident, shattered her knee and was in the hospital. What a blow. I knew I had to remain calm, but I could feel my heart racing. It was too late to cancel my meeting so I went to the designated spot and called the hospital. Once I located my Mom and heard her voice I was able to calm down a little. I went through with my meeting and immediately went home to make plans for a trip to New York. I already had a ticket for June 1st but I know now I will be leaving a bit sooner. Just one day on this film and I'm out of here. Oh really? Remember that commercial audition I mentioned at the beginning of this blog? I booked it! And it works....on Monday! What??? Couldn't get a hold of my manager right away, so I called production on the film found out that I am actually working on Tuesday so now I can do the commercial on Monday. And so it is.
Now, back to my Mom...spoke to her, several family members, neighbors and friends and she will be well taken care of until I get there next week. Still, I long to be with her. I hate to think of her waiting in ER all day for a room. I'm so happy that she is coherent, she even refused pain medication, but I know this can't be pleasant for her. There's so much to be done. I'm grateful for the support we both have. Even my facebook prayer warriors are sending the love, but I'll feel better when I can be right there with her.
Got a lot of planning to do, so I'd better get busy.

A Clear Channel - Day 98

Such a pleasant day on set today. I love my work and like I said yesterday, it's fascinating to watch all the players doing their thing. I enjoyed working with this particular director and production team immensely. I knew I would at the callback. This director certainly knows what he's doing and has a way with actors that is rare in this business. Totally in control yet very calm, generous, confident. A sort of quiet strength that I find so admirable. I haven't felt this way since I worked with Steven Spielberg on The Terminal. Can't explain, but very memorable. Now, don't get me wrong I'm not putting down ANY director I've worked with, but there was something special here. I firmly believe the tone of the project starts at the top. For so many people all working at the same time, in a huge space, it was extremely peaceful. Not once did I hear anyone yelling. There was not a lot of shushing going on. My co-star on this job was the very talented Nick Toth, who's face you have seen in commercials and episodics and he does voice overs as well. Just a fantastic day. We even did a take that will never make it on air, just for sh*ts and giggles. Definitely rated R for strong language.
The food was amazing too and not just lunch, but craft services had the most delicious treats. I thought I was at an upscale party with the trays being passed around all day. I'm gonna have do some extra walking this week.
So what is this job you ask? Keep your eye out for a GEICO Insurance spot (possibly in July). It will be me and Nick and a bird in the hand. Sorry gecko.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 97

Totally recovered from the weekend, I started the day at an audition which I think went fairly well, and then onto a wardrobe fitting for a job I'm doing tomorrow. While at the production office, I had a chance to observe all the players working on this particular project and I was reminded of why I love this business so much. So many different departments come together at various stages to make it all work. It's just magical to think about how one idea, one thought in someone's head comes to life for millions of people to see and more importantly to be influenced by. I think that's why I like shows like Celebrity Apprentice and Project Runway so much. The story of making something out of nothing just fascinates me. Even though these reality shows are filling a time slot where there could be a program that involves real actors like myself, I have to admit that I have a couple of guilty pleasures. At this point in my career I cannot complain. I have truly been blessed in the work department for the past few months and have even added another agent to my team.
Can't believe I'm still blogging. Inspired by the movie Julie & Julia, my intention is to blog for 365 days. That means I have 268 days to go. It will be interesting to see where I am and what happens when I get there. Hope you're enjoying the ride.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 96

I finally feel normal again. After the weekend and last night's police activity here in South Central Santa Monica that lasted well into the morning, I was too tired to even talk. I went to an audition today for the role of a sign language interpreter which is always fun because you have to roll with the punches and we get a chance to educate folks not familiar with Deaf culture. This particular director knew what he wanted though. We'll see what happens. The Deaf community is very small, yet I saw faces (both hearing and Deaf) I didn't recognize.
Then I took myself to lunch, had to get a jump start on my car cause I left the lights on. Now why were they on in the daytime in the first place? See, still a little groggy. Came home, washed and braided my hair. That's a 4 hour job. I usually let it air dry for an entire day, but I won't be able to this time. Have an audition at 11:15AM, then on to a wardrobe fitting for my commercial shoot on Thursday. Can't show up in tends to make people nervous.
While I was doing my hair, I caught up on Dancing With The Stars. Three couples left, finals next week. I think Nicole from The Pussy Cat Dolls is gonna win. She's my favorite. Although that skater guy is pretty good. Naw, he won't win. It's gonna be Nicole.
Now Celebrity Apprentice? Can't figure that one out. It's between Holly Robinson-Peete and Brett Michaels. Two completely different styles, same passion for their charity. Should be interesting. I've really grown to know and like Brett and to respect Holly. She is not to be messed with! I know them personally....too funny. Oh well, it's better than watching the news.
Off to study for my audition tomorrow so someone can watch ME on TV.

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 95

Whew! What a weekend. Long Beach Pride wore me out!! After a long weekend of prideful celebration, I had to get up early to do a voice over audition. It was indeed a struggle and I probably looked like a hot mess, but I got through it. Since I went directly to the audition from my hotel, I went looking for wardrobe for the second audition of the day, a commercial callback. I didn't even have the energy to shop, so I chose an outfit from my suitcase, sat in my car and took a nap. It was the best thing to got me through (once again). When I finally got home this afternoon, I grabbed a neighbor to get a piece of furniture I'd been riding around with in my care for a week and we brought into my home. I laid down to take a nap and woke up hours later! Now I need to study my sides for tomorrow's audition. It will be tricky since it involves sign language and working with deaf and hearing actors. Those moments are a like a well choreographed dance. I hope this blog is making sense. I still feel a little groggy.
I mentioned in a previous blog, that when it rains it pours, but have I mentioned that as soon as an actor makes plans to go out of town, they book a job? we go...I'm currently up for 4 jobs (that I know of) that work between May 20 - June 3. Yikes!!
I just thought of a great title for my book. You'll have to wait until it's published to find out what it is!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 94

Just taking a few minutes to check in before I sign off for the night. This is my first time taking my Mac on the road and blogging from a hotel room.
Don't really have much to say. Guess I'm tired from today's activities. MCing the main stage of Long Beach Pride feels like a family reunion every year. I'm so grateful to be asked back time and time again. I certainly don't take it for granted. I need to go over my script for the Parade tomorrow so I'll say good-bye for now and wrap up the weekend tomorrow night.

Friday, May 14, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 93

Two. Two. Two blogs in one. What a gloriously crazy week! Three auditions and a show yesterday so didn't even have the energy to blog last night. Back out there gettin' my grind on today and now getting ready to MC Long Beach Pride this weekend. I booked one of the jobs I went out for this week but you know how I roll....details later. I knew May was going to be a busy month and it just keeps on comin'. So glad I am clear headed, eating better and have been working out to keep up my stamina. Show business is not for sissies!!
Met with a client today under the auspices of my brand new business, Ask Stage Mom and it went very well. My client wants to continue working with me and asked me to be her manager! I will need to do some research on that and give it some careful thought. My first instinct is to continue working with her in a coaching situation. Again, more aptitude test revealed that I have a natural ability to manage and Artist Management was one of the suggested occupations for me. Hmmmmm.
I can't believe all the wonderful things that have been happening in my career lately, but I'm certainly enjoying the ride. The best is yet to come.
Gotta finish getting ready for the will definitely hear from me before Monday.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 92

Getting busy around here! Auditions, wardrobe fittings, preparing for a weekend of gigs....whew! I'm not complaining, but it's doing that "when it rains it pours" thing. Something is brewing and I'm ready! Can't blog too long tonight, gotta prepare for a big audition tomorrow plus two others and a gig tomorrow night in Long Beach. Gonna study and turn in early!

A Clear Channel - Day 91

Day two of my aptitude test with the Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation. It's going to take me a minute to process the results, but what I can tell you right now is I scored very high in memory skills and musical ability. There was also exploration about more strength in my left hand than my right which seems to be odd for a right handed person. It's possible that genetically I could be left-handed but was trained to be right-handed. I do remember my teachers in elementary school noticing that I wrote with a left-handed slant with my right hand so they taped my paper to the desk to force my writing to slant the other way. Interesting. Since I was adopted, this makes sense. Hmmmm. Some aspects of my personality indicate that I could be a good manager which opens up so many possibilities I can't even go into it right now, but one that stood out was the Dean of an Arts Department at a University. Ironically, my friend from high school, Parker, recently shared that he could see me doing that.
I also scored high in an area called foresight, which means I can see the big picture, set my sights toward it and find a way to get there no matter what.
I was encouraged to add more music to my life maybe in the way of a hobby since comes so natural for me and I have a passion for it. I'm excited about moving forward with that.
The only portion of the test that was knowledge based was vocabulary and I could use some improvement in that area. I'm always interested in learning new words so I'll be working on that.
I've wanted to take this aptitude test for a long time and now that I have, I'm not disappointed. There's a lot to read and process, but I like knowing that my three strong areas are Artistic, Social and Enterprising (that's where the managerial skills come into play). I know now to focus on my strengths and it's OK to avoid my weak areas. I think you should too. For example, if you ever need brain surgery and find out I'm your neurosurgeon? Run!!!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 90

Exactly 3 months of blogging. Wow. Where did the time go? It makes it seem like writing a book is actually possible. I know writers like Stephen King write every single day. I think the only 2 days per year he doesn't write are Christmas and his birthday. It amazes me how some artists just keep cranking out their writers, authors, playwrights, etc. I seem to have a goal to do everything at least once. It never stops. Everyday it's something new with me....I want to know how to do everything!!! There was a Broadway show back in the day that contained a song called I WANT IT ALL. That describes me to a T.
So today, I took part one of an aptitude test. This test is supposed to measure your natural and/or inherited ability for aptitudes such as memory for numbers, musical ability, spatial visualization and perceptual speed (whatever that means). So far my strengths in music pitch and matching rhythms don't surprise me, nor does the confirmation that I will never be an engineer or a surgeon or work with little tiny objects. One interesting thing that I found out is that my left eye is my dominant eye yet I am right handed. Most people have dominance in the same eye and hand. There's only a small percentage of us where it is the opposite. That makes me feel kinda special although I don't think it means anything spectacular. Part two and the assessment of all tests is tomorrow. I'll let you know what I find out.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 89

My Mother's Day gift was a hit!! Thanks to my dear friend Danny who recommended a store called Things Remembered, I got an awesome gift for my mom and she loved it. I ordered it online and it looked pretty nice, but when I saw it in the actual store I was really impressed. Personalized, gift wrapped, shipped and delivered all in one week. I can't believe how many times I passed that store in the mall and never even looked in. I'm not much of a shopper anyway. I usually go to stores with only what I'm looking for in mind. I don't really window shop. I'm trying to enjoy it more especially clothes shopping and I think I'm getting better or at least more interested. I love to spend money but not fond of shopping. Huh?
Got a couple of small projects done around the house today then went to my friend Andrea's comedy show scouting new comics and supporting some friends who went up tonight. I escaped going on stage by drinking some wine. I don't drink and joke. Sometimes I just want to be a guest and be entertained. It is nice to be asked though and to have audience members excited to see you hoping you're in the show. I had a good time. I promoted Laugh-A-Latte and recruited a couple of new comics. I also made an appointment with a new client for Ask Stage Mom.
Now I think I'll unwind by either watching a movie or Celebrity Apprentice.

A Clear Channel - Day 88

If my life had played out the way I thought it was going to a few months ago, I would be wrapping up solo show performances in Dublin, Ireland right about now. It was because of this potential conflict that I believe I was not cast in a play I went to see tonight. If anyone reading this knows where I was this evening or has been following this blog for a while you might be able to figure out what play I am blogging about. First of all, let me say, that I may never know the actual reason why I was not cast, but it doesn't really matter since this was all about a bigger plan. After seeing this piece tonight, I am glad that I am not a part of this show. I'm not even quite sure I ever wanted to be but my agent submitted me, it was a show in town and I thought, "What the heck, let's see what happens." I probably should not have auditioned for the play at all. I knew the entire month of May was pretty much booked up with or without the Ireland gig. Not to mention all the wonderful things that have been happening career wise that I couldn't even foresee.
I went to the theatre ready to enjoy this Los Angeles Premiere. It was a high school, maybe really good college level production at best. I'm not hating on it because I'm not in it, but there were so many things I could go on about and not in a good way. Technical difficulties, a weak adaptation of a successful TV miniseries and novel, disconnected ensemble acting and some boring songs made this a very disappointing night of theatre. I really wanted to enjoy this. Even as I type this, I want to say something positive so badly, but nothing comes to mind. Even the theatre itself and its artistic director make me feel uneasy. Something inauthentic going on there for me. Oh well, there I said it. It is simply my opinion on my blog site and I'm speaking my truth.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 87

After 25 years in show business here in "Hollywood" I've finally decided following through on requests I have been getting for years about turning my knowledge and experience into a business. I have secured the domain name for Ask Stage Mom, a coaching service for anyone who wishes to get into the business or take their show business career to the next level. It is ideal for actors, writers, comics and solo show performers. Today I met with a writer who is working on his solo show. He has a meeting with a prominent director on Monday and wanted me hear his show, edit and punch up some jokes. We were both happy with the results and I'm excited to hear how his meeting goes on Monday.
Following the meeting, I met with my walking buddy Kim, and we took our 3 mile walk around the golf course in Cheviot Hills. There are some beautiful homes over there and we saw a 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 1 pool home for rent for $6,400. a month!!! What kind of job or career does one need to have to be able to afford that and why? Needless to say, when they do the open house, we will be "all up in there" just to be nosy. Stay tuned.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 86

This just in! This morning I was able to wear my gray "audition" business suit after finding out that the pants were too small just a few months ago. Wow! Talk about motivation. All the stuff I've collectively been doing to lose weight and improve my health is totally working....Yay!! The pants fit so comfortably I had them on long after I returned home from my audition without even realizing it. A few months ago, I couldn't wait to get home to rip them off and if I remember correctly, I probably had them unbuttoned in the car.
I'll be going on a 3 mile walk tomorrow. Ain't no stoppin' me now...
Had a voice over audition this morning for an animated project that had already been done in South Africa with African actors. They are re-dubbing it with American voices for the U.S. I would be the voice of a bird. (Can't tell you much more than that). It was a fun audition...I'm really getting into this vo stuff. The third take was the charm, warmed up and let it rip!! The booth director had a big smile on his face. A smile that wasn't there when I walked in the room. I almost asked him what was wrong, but decided it wasn't my business. I was there to get a J O B. Speaking of which, my second audition (hence the business suit) was for an industrial. The young man I was reading with seemed rather antsy. Come to find out he needed to get back to "work". When he asked me what time I had to be back to my job, I told him, "This IS my job son." Everyone has to start somewhere right? Can't figure out what's worse, bland industrial copy or a bland actor focused on being somewhere else. It's out of my hands now. I did my part. I showed up.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 85

Whenever I have an early appointment during the week, one of my guilty pleasures is listening to the Steve Harvey Morning Show. Those fools are crazy! Steve, his nephew Tommy and Shirley Strawberry in particular. Steve starts off at 6AM with some thought provoking, positive, "you can do it" type message followed by a gospel song. Then all hell breaks loose for the next 4 hours!! There's no telling what will come out of his mouth, but I know it's a feel good kinda morning. For a while, he wasn't on here in LA (he moved to NY) and I truly felt like I had been abandoned. Even though I don't listen everyday, it's nice to know he's there.
So today, my early appointment was a commercial audition. Came back home with every intention of getting some stuff done around the house then head back across town to work out. I did the back and forth thing yesterday right? Well, I forgot the affect Cinco de Mayo would have on the traffic. I just wasn't feeling it, so I turned around and came back home. I was all dressed to work out so I took a nice long walk. I went to the track at SaMoHi and for the first time there were no students on it, so I got to play. I am definitely an evening workout person. My favorite part of the day is when day turns to night. There were many others like me out there. The track was soft and kind smushy and I started having flashbacks of being on the track team when I was in high school. Almost started to sprint, but held myself back. Knees are doing good, don't want to mess up now. This is the longest time I've been able to consistently workout without hurting something. I used to think I had some weird exercise much so I've written it into my comedy act. Still gonna do that bit's funny! I did 4 laps around the track + plus the walk to and from my home = well over a mile.
They say when you accomplish a goal, you should reward yourself. My reward this evening was totally appropriate to the day....a nice salad and a shot of tequila! Happy Cinco de Mayo!!! YeeHa!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 84

My brief little trip to the dentist this morning landed me all over town!! Started in Miracle, SAG building, then was heading home intending to make just one quick stop in Culver City, when I got three phones calls back to back. 1) My personal trainer 2) wardrobe dept. of my next movie project and 3) my brand new voice over agent. Those 3 phones calls changed the course of my day. So, from Culver City I drove back to Hollywood to meet with my personal trainer to discuss nutrition, then over the hill for a voice over audition then since I was now fully awake and all over town anyway, I decided to go to Costco in Marina del Rey. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth....but it didn't even bother me because the timing was between the workday rush. A sista has got to handle her bidness!!

A Clear Channel - Day 83

I had such an intense work-out last evening, for the first time in almost 3 months I went to bed and forgot to blog!! I didn't even realize it until sometime this afternoon. I had intended to go to my early morning dentist appointment and then come home and go back to bed. My body was still sore from all the crunches, lunges, power walking and other exercises I don't even have a name for. I must say it feels good though and our Fitcamp group is growing. One of the young ladies in our group, Shay, remembered me from the gym waaaaay back in the day. How ironic that we meet up again in another "work out" situation. It's not like I've been working out on a regular basis all these years. We are definitely the class clowns...we be keepin' it lively. Fee King is a great trainer...she really knows her sh*t. Just looking at her body is an inspiration. She's also working with us on our nutrition. I met with her today to go over my plan. Needless to say, I didn't return home til about 4PM after all the unexpected little surprise stops I had to make today. More on that later, but so much for coming home and taking a nap after my early morning dentist appointment.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 82

It's Sunday night.
Took a long one hour walk today before driving to West Hollywood for dinner with some friends.
Not going to sleep without watching the finale of Project Runway which has been waiting for me on my DVR queue.

A Clear Channel - Day 81

Since I am not in a play at the moment, it is so refreshing to have the time to go support friends who are doing some amazing work on the LA Theatre scene. Tonight was one of those nights. My dear friend, Ralph Cole Jr. is starring in a play called DEMENTIA at the Los Angeles Theatre Center. He brilliantly portrays the character Lupe, who is the alter ego of Moe who is dying of aids. It is a story we all can relate to on some level, but the way it is told this time is truly a work of art. Although the entire cast does some outstanding work, I have to say that Ralph's star is one of the brightest. He shines, he sparkles, he illuminates the stage every time he sets foot on it. I wasn't sure if I would be able to attend opening night, but one of his friends had an extra ticket and wanted to gift someone. I was the lucky recipient. I got to meet the cast, the playwright and all the behind the scenes people as well as partake in the after show reception, where we ate, drank wine, danced and laughed til 1AM (and not necessarily in that order). Ralph's Mom was there and I met his uncle for the first time.
This wonderful Latin cast is truly family. The playwright who was also a cast member is married to the director/artistic director of the theatre. One of the other bright and shining stars was actress Esperanza America Ibarra who is their daughter. The lead actor, the astonishing Sal Lopez is married to the choreographer..and so on and so on and so on. These people have been working together in theatre and film for 30 years. Leave it to Ralph to take over the role of Lupe and fit in like he's been there all the time. This piece is universal and thought provoking and I know I will want to see it again. Next on my list...WOMEN OF BREWSTER PLACE at the Celebration Theatre.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 80

Does 80 consecutive days of blogging qualify me to work for Alicia Keys? I heard that she is looking to hire someone to blog for her. I could do that. Follow her around, go to all her concerts, travel around the world gettin' all into her bidness. Sounds like a dream job to me. Thank God for the voice of reason from friends who reminded me that I should be having someone follow me around blogging. Yeah... What is up with that? Everyday it's something new with me. Yesterday it was real estate. Today celebrity blogging. "Oy vey"(as my Jewish friends would say). I don't know what all that means, but in a production meeting I had tonight about the development of a web series, it was decided I need to incorporate it into my character arch. Very pleased with meeting this evening considering the beginning of my day didn't turn out quite the way I had planned it. Let's see what tomorrow brings.