Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 153

I believe I have found my drum teacher!! I took a class today with a Master drummer named Malik and his class is just what I've been looking for. He's a real African (not African American - whatever that means) from Senegal I think, and he drums for dancers. That is my dream, my goal, my drum for African dance. His class was quite challenging and very popular. I was able to keep up most of the time, but chickened out when he encouraged me to do a solo and there was a beat toward the end of the class that I just could not get. That will keep me coming back cause I am determined to get it. He teaches on Saturdays and Wednesdays at Motherland Music so that's where you will find me on those days unless I am working. I love that he mentioned at the end of class that drumming is healing. to my ears.

Friday, July 30, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 152

Almost every night, my beloved Danny Chisolm asks me what am I going to do tomorrow. And almost every night, he catches me off guard. I usually don't have an answer so I begin to stutter and make up things. The truth of the matter is, unless I have an specific appointment, I don't always know. I guess I am truly blessed with being able to wake up in the morning, give thanks to God for be able to do so, and then ask Him, "Well Lord, what's on the agenda for today?" See, I always have projects, goals, activities that need to be done but I've discovered years ago that I am not a "To Do List" kind of person. I'm more of an "I Did List". That's how this blog was born. I get to look back on each and every day and review what I accomplished. I go to bed feeling good leaving it all behind and waking up with a clean slate the next morning. I'm never at a loss for things to do I just don't know in which order I'm going to tackle each task.
I'm addicted to this blog now. I can't get ready for bed before I check in. I'm pleased to see I have readers from all over the world. China, Canada, England, Ukraine and Russia? Wow. I'm international!!
So what did I do today? I went to a hooping class! That's right hula hooping. I bought an adult sized hoop a while back (when I learned Michelle Obama is a hooper) and kinda started to practice on my own but found I much prefer to learn in a group environment. I will still need to practice but I need that accountability factor as well.
At home, I worked on my finances, piddled around the house and had a nice long chat with my sweetie. Now I think I'll check out a movie before I go to sleep.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 151

My GEICO commercial is airing back east!! Got facebook and text messages from people who have seen it. Very cool. Here's to a nice, long, national run and then some!!
Went to a workshop about mandalas tonight at Leeza's Place. Lots of blessings there. First of all, Leeza's Place was founded by Leeza Gibbons whose mother had Alzheimer's so she created a space where caregivers could support and be supported by one another. I came home with tons of information, resources etc. on care giving. On the last Thursday of the month Sisters Staying Healthy have meetings there and tonight the topic was mandalas (a circle with a drawing or design inside) which is a scared, spiritual practice in some parts of the world. It can also be a meditative practice, one in which I am very familiar with. Tonight we created our own mandalas. I've been used to working with (coloring) ones that have been created by someone else. Google "mandalas" to see what I am talking about. When I figure out how to jazz up this blog, I will post a picture of one myself. I went to the meeting early to gather information about care giving so I was the first one there and won a prize for that. It was a book about healthy foods for various health issues one may be facing. Perfect.
I know as I continue on this care giving journey, I must stay physically and spiritually healthy like never before. The rest will take care of itself.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 150

Finally got a chance to be a bit domesticated today. Did some laundry and food shopping. One of my guilty pleasures is experimenting with different recipes and I welcome the time to cook right now. I'm not one who cooks everyday and I hate to do it in a rush. I like to take my time and enjoy the process. Tonight I just created my own dish of seared tuna, brown rice, edamame and a sprinkle of seaweed. Yum! Tomorrow, I plan to make a dish from the new McCormick recipe cards that give you all the spices you need, you just have buy the rest of the ingredients. Very clever indeed. I told my sweetie I was practicing for when we play house together. We will make a great team in the kitchen. Actually, we're just great partners all 'round.
Had a nice long talk with my friend Diane Amos, filling her in on everything that's been happening with my mom. Diane put some things into perspective for me as I knew she would. Everyday I get more clarity on what I need to do next.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 149

Spent most of the day doing some online de-cluttering. I think I figured out how to sync my new mobile phone with my PC, so after transferring all the numbers I wanted onto my phone, I deleted a bunch of emails I hadn't checked since I don't use Gmail very often. Looks like I will paying more attention to that account. So much new stuff going on in my life lately. I've decided that now that I have to be on top of my mom's business, I need to really be on top of mine. That means I have a lot of overall de-cluttering to do.
Had a great conversation with someone from the Motion Picture & Television Fund and I may be eligible for some assistance for my mom.
Got a surprise phone call from Florence LaRue from the Fifth Dimension checking on me to see how I was doing and letting me know that she's been praying for my mom (they have the same first name). I thought that was so nice of her.
Tonight I attended a viewing party for my client, Cathy Lewis. She had her television debut on LOGO as a stand up comic. The party was well attended and she did a great job, just wish her set was longer. Now we have to work on how to get the most mileage out of this opportunity.
Have I told you how in love I am with the most wonderful man in the world? That's you Danny!

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 148

Easy breezy day on the set of PROM. As grateful as I am for work, I'll be glad when I book movie roles that I can really sink my teeth into. Everyone was pleased with my work today, but I want to "feel the burn". (A little voice is saying, "Be careful what you wish for.") I say, "Shut up!...Bring it on!!!" How else am I going to win my Oscar?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 147

I love these new blogger stats. It shows me I don't have as many views to my blog as I thought, but it's OK. I notice that at least one person from the Ukraine has read my blog. I have 70 people in the US and 2 people in Canada who have checked out Carlease's Bits N Pieces at one time or another.
Can't stay up too late tonight, I have a 7AM call for my film shoot tomorrow. Today we had a "story conference" which is a fancy name for a table read. It was at Disney and the entire cast was there. It's a big one! Mostly high school kids. Very cool, hip, fun and talented high school kids. I'm very excited to be a part of this project.
In between all the excitement, I had two lengthy phone conversations with my god-brother about my Mom and he put some things into perspective for me. Looks like another trip back east is forthcoming. First I'm going to wrap up this film project which should take until the end of August.
Well, I thought I was so smart linking my new mobile phone to my computer only to discover I've erased all my contacts from the phone!!! At least they are on the computer somewhere...don't have time to deal with that right now. Gotta get my beauty rest so I'll be ready for my close-up.
I love you Danny Chisolm...just the way you are!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 146

I've been taking some time to clear my head and focus on me. I feel a little selfish doing so knowing that my mother needs my help...or does she? Maybe that's just my opinion. I've been doing a lot of spiritual work these days and I listened to a CD today that lead me to the conclusion that I have to back off. If she says she's OK, then I can't force the issue. If I truly believe that God is taking care of this situation, then I have to move out of the way and let Him work. "Step out on faith" that's what my Danny says. It is simply my job to be a kind and loving daughter and to realize that I can't control people, places or things. All I can do is take care of myself to the best of my ability so that I can be there if and when she really needs me. I trust that I will know when that time comes.

Friday, July 23, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 145

Today was the first day in a long time that I had no specific agenda. Not that there's anything wrong with having an agenda, but sometimes it feels good to wake up whenever your body tells you to and then decide on what you're going to do that day. The only thing I knew I really needed to do today was get my car washed and while I was out, I ran a couple of other errands. I love spending time at home and believe me I have about a million projects to do around here. Part of the reason I feel so overwhelmed with my sudden care giving status, is because I don't feel I have my own stuff in order. So that's what I'll be working on during the month of August while I'm working on this movie. After my filming is done, we'll see what needs to be done next. My first shoot date is Monday, the first day of shooting for everyone so I'm gonna go read the latest revision of the script before I go to sleep tonight.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 144

Friends and family. These are two words that are often used together and in my opinion are inter-changeable. Sometimes it's hard to differentiate between the two. Families are joined together by blood and friends are joined together by choice. We have lots of expectations of our family members who sometimes let us down, but thank God we have the opportunity to create our own "families" through the connections we make at work, school, church, clubs, etc. If you think about it, some of us spend more time with friends than with family members. In the Black culture especially, the extended family is very important. We tend to create "play brothers" and "play sisters" and have huge Baptism ceremonies where we honor God-parents. Then God-brothers and sisters are added to the list. When I was a little girl, we didn't dare called an elder by their first name. If it wasn't Mr. or Mrs. it was Aunt or Uncle so and so. So what is my point? Family members can be your best friends and friends can be just like family. The way we treat each other determines which it will be.
I dedicate this blog to Sam and Tina play brother and sister-in-law. They were there for me at a time when I thought I would totally be able rely on my family who was no where to be found in my time of need. Sam and Tina went above and beyond to be of service to me and my mom and never asked for anything in return. I will forever be grateful for their generosity. Two months ago, I would say they were friends of the family, but today I say they are my family and I ain't playing.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 143

Today was a wonderful day. Very healing. It started with my interview on the Los Angeles Women's Theatre Festival's new cable show, SPOTLIGHT. I was interviewed by Florence LaRue of the Fifth Dimension. We talked about my solo show, FIFTY! It Doesn't Look This Good On Everybody and because of my mom's recent changes in her health, the interview was a lot more emotional than I had intended. Florence and the entire production staff was great and Florence didn't let me leave the theatre without of word of prayer for my Mom (who's name is also Florence by the way). I will always remember her for that.
Later today, I drove down to Manhattan Beach and strolled along the pier. Although I am no swimmer (I almost drowned during a water aerobics class in Turks & Caicos) there is something calming about being near the ocean. That's why I live 10 blocks from the ocean. So why did I leave my home and drive down to Manhattan Beach? Because tonight was my first djembe lesson at an adorable little school in that area. For those of you who don't know, a djembe (pronounced GEM-bay) is an African drum. I've always wanted to learn to drum and I'm going for it. I think I'm pretty good at it even though I've already injured myself. Nothing a little ice won't cure.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 142

Today I had a very lengthy and uplifting phone call from my friend Julie Rice. She and her sister have been caregivers for both of their parents so she had a lot to offer. What I liked about our conversation is the way she first shared her experience and then let me know that she really understands me personally and what I am going through. She never preached or told me what to do. She did suggest that I take a week to just focus on me. Carlease Week. I am definitely taking her advice. I made a list of pampering and things I really like to do but have put off for various reasons. The first thing I did when we hung up this morning was call all my agents to let them know I was available for work. I had a voice over audition at 4:30PM. Since I'm going to be here for a month to be available for this Disney movie I'm working on, why shouldn't I be out there creating even more work for myself? My mother wants me to hurry back to New York, but why? I've got to have a plan and specific purpose the next time I visit. I can't just go back there to hold her hand. So Carlease Week has officially started. The "physical therapist" is in place and my mother seems to be taking to her quite nicely. I'm gonna step back a little bit, let them get acquainted and find their own rhythm. Right now I've got to unbraid all this hair.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 141

Today must have been the most stressful day of my life. I am not a deceitful person by any means, but I've had to resort to trickery in order to get my Mom to accept help while I'm away. I hired a in home helper disguised as a physical therapist and told my Mom that her doctor said she would have to choose between the help at home or go back to that "facility". Naturally she chose the former. I feel terrible lying to her like that but I don't feel comfortable leaving her alone. The plan for now is to have the "physical therapist" stay til I get back from my film shoot.
Then I found out that my Mom's "handyman" is more interested in handling her than fixing our air conditioners so I had to handle him. This fake uniform, no tool carrying, can't fix sh*t Negro better back up off my mother or you will be reading about me in the paper instead of reading this blog. One of us is going to jail. I am not to messed with on this. I now have to deal with elder abuse? He's a sick @&%#.
As a result of all this pressure, I kinda lashed out at my significant other, and I believe we had our first spat. It wasn't an argument really. I just had to tell him how I felt about something that was bothering me. He has no problem expressing himself so we were able to work it out, compromise and ended up having a lovely day. He had bought me a beautiful new dress that I am so grateful for but all this mess happened in between the time he bought it and the time he gave it to me. I admit, I am a bit sensitive right now.
So, I lost what I thought was someone I could trust and depend on with the "handyman" but after a phone conversation with my god brother, I now have a new member for TEAM MOM. My god brother Harvey is totally willing and available to provide all the support we need while I'm away and he's brilliant!! Welcome to the team Harvey.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 140

Way too tired and too hot to blog tonight. I'll try again tomorrow.
I love you Danny!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 139

Like I posted on facebook today, caregiving is no joke. I'm tired, I'm hot and I want to go home. I'm here in New York to take care of my mother and she is resisting me all the way. I really want to believe those caregiving books that tell me no matter how I feel, she feels worse. "Handle the situation with humor, patience and compassion." How do you do that in 100 degree weather with no air conditioner and the person you're trying to help won't open a window? My mother feels that she can be alone, that she doesn't need help, but she doesn't want me to go home. She tells me that she will pay for air plane tickets back and forth from LA to NY but she won't pay for home care. She says she doesn't want anyone in her home, but she doesn't want me to go out. I'm really trying to understand but this is tearing me apart and I'm just getting started. Not to mention how hard it is to watch someone you love go through inexplicable life changes. Am I being too dramatic? How do you know the difference between normal aging or something greater? Maybe I'm the one trying to control the outcome, but I just can't walk away from someone who needs help. HELP!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 138

Blogging keeps a person honest as well as tells the world all your business. I was trying to sneak up on a friend whom I've known since childhood while here in New York. He's a drummer with the band Southside, but we were in the same band back in the day. I can remember the name of the cover band we created (The Universal Robot Band) and that silver bread truck we used to tour in, but for the life of me I can't remember the original band name. CW, if you're out there, please remind me in a blog comment. I only have a few followers and a few lurkers that I know about, but I know anyone could be reading this blog. I don't really think about it too much, it's become such a habit I don't really care. I just hope it's entertaining.
Anyway, back to my friend. He called me today cause he received my ezine that lead to my blog and I was busted. He knew I was in New York and was wondering why I hadn't answered his emails. Why? Cause I can't keep a secret. Can't you tell? So I won't be sneaking up on him at his next gig. But I will be going to his son's graduation/going away party in August. I haven't seen the family in years!! CW, don't forget to send me an invite.
It's 2:30 in the morning, and I should be asleep, so when I get my friend's youtube address, I'll let you check him out. The brother is bad on those skins!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 137

Mom and I are back in New York but not after a long and very tiring ordeal with our flight from Augusta to JFK. It's such a long story, but my Mom was a trooper. She never complained. I on the other hand, had a little meltdown at JFK when a car voucher was not honored after we had been traveling for over 12 hours!! We had a 3:14PM flight out of Augusta and arrived at my mom's house at 6 in the morning. The house was so hot I thought I was going to faint. My sweetie called and I kinda took it all out on him. I think it put a damper on his morning. I finally saw him tonight after missing him for almost a month. I offered him a huge apology and a million kisses. He's alright now. (wink)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 136

The day finally arrived. Yesterday my Mom aka "Grandy" and I went through with our original travel plans to see 3 1/2 month old Dylan David Baldwin. We took a three hour road trip from Aiken, SC to Buford, GA. Kyle Baldwin is Dylan's Daddy and Grandy and I have know him since he was a baby. It amazing to watch the circle of life in motion. Kyle and his wife Dee have a beautiful 5 bedroom home. My little Santa Monica bungalow is about the same size as their Master bathroom...that's right I said bathroom. There were 3 generations of male Baldwins in the room and it was touching to see them in their simultaneous roles as granddad, sons, dads and grandson. This is truly my family and I love them.
Let me interject...right now we are having a down pour here in Aiken. It's a beautiful sight from the sun room. I love being surrounded by lush foliage after a rain. Guess we'll have to go in the pool later or tomorrow.
Back to the trip yesterday...while in the car I had a phone interview for my TV spot on Los Angeles Women's Theatre Festival's show called Spotlight. It was all about my solo show, Fifty! It Doesn't Look This Good On Everybody. The show is about growth, tolerance, self-acceptance and my mother so it was very interesting to answer questions about the show with her and two other family members sitting right there. They were very respectful as I babbled on about myself for about 20 minutes. No matter where I am I manage to fit work in. I must say I censored myself a bit, but will pull out all the stops on the air on July 21st.
After a good ole southern dinner of pulled pork, mac n cheese, greens and Kyle's mint sweet tea, we smothered Dylan with enough kisses to last him til the next time we see him which I hope is before he goes to college.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 135

They are gonna make a country girl out of me yet. This morning I picked blueberries for the very first time and once I figure out how to transfer the footage from my Flip, I might even post it here on this blog. Fortunately, the bush we were picking from was not full of ripe berries so it wasn't a very long adventure. It was fun though.
My god-sisters drove over from another town to visit and assess my mother's present state of mind. They are a vital part of my support system and I trust them immensely. I'm happy for the input, honesty and candidness while I'm here in South Carolina. It's what happens back at the house in New York when I'm all alone with my Mom is what I'm worried about. I have to trust that I will get the help I need to take care of her and myself. I know I have my Danny there waiting for me. That gives me peace of mind. There is so much to be done, things I have never done before. The most important is finding care for my mother when I return to LA to shoot this Disney film. Then I can come back and stay a little longer to stabilize things a bit.
Tomorrow we go to see the newest addition to the family, Dylan David Baldwin in Atlanta. Then it's time for Grandy to return to her own home. I am grateful for all the help we have received here, but we must face the inevitable.
I can do all things through Christ. He gives me strength.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 134

As I sit here in Aiken, South Carolina waiting for some delicious smelling cupcakes to finish baking, let me tell you about my day here in the south. I must also let you know I am sipping on some home made blackberry wine. Lord, I hope I don't need another program after this visit.
I was awakened by a call from a my childhood friend, Tina Pilgrim this morning. I hadn't talked to her in ages and we had (and still have) sooo much catching up to do. First of all, I had to explain to her that I was currently in the home of the couple (Tina and Sam Baldwin) who purchased her aunt's house in Hollis, Queens back in 1971. The fact that there are two Tinas in this story makes it all the more confusing n'est pas?
Then of course I had to fill her in on what was happening with my Mom who is doing quite well by the way. Some of what I was worried about seems to have subsided, but she stills needs to see her doctor and I'm not so sure she should be alone at the point in her life. As I spent time with her today, I don't want her to be alone no matter what the doctor says. We took her to physical therapy where she is such a good patient. She has some exercises to do at home and I will be joining her since my knee has started acting up. Isn't there a term for that?
After therapy, Tina Baldwin took us on a tour of Aiken. Amazing. No traffic, no crowds and everybody speaks to each other. I know I'm here on a mission, but it feels like a vacation. I could so get used to this. The heat isn't that bad (compared to New York I hear) and I managed to escape the earthquake in Southern Cali earlier today.
We had a fish fry for dinner with fried green tomatoes and now Miss Tina B. is trying to get me to take a 1:20AM dip in the pool followed by a jacuzzi grand finale. I'd rather continue to sip on my blackberry wine and nibble on these delicious 5 flavor cupcakes. I guarantee you, I will take that dip in the pool before I leave here.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 133

I bring you greetings from Aiken, South Carolina! What is the first thing people from the south do after picking you up from the airport? They feed you! Here I am in this gorgeous house at 11PM eating rice, black eyed peas, ribs and some pork thing that goes over the rice. Hash I think it's called. Then we have ice cream and cake followed by a wine tasting. Did I tell you about the wine cellar? I tasted all types of fruity home made wine. Blueberry is my favorite. Is this blog making sense?
This house is dangerous. Thank God they have a treadmill. I just hope it works. My mom looks good and fits in quite nicely here. Even though I know she's worried about getting back to her house, I think she's having a good time. Well she should, she's being waited on hand and foot and for that I am so grateful. I'm a little nervous though, because I can't say that I'll be able to do that and take care of all of her business affairs as well. I'm planning on getting some outside help but would like it to be a team effort. I don't want to disrespect her wishes but she may try to rebel against that idea. She wants me to do it all, and quite frankly I can't. I am totally willing to get the best help possible. If I wear myself out, I will be no good to anyone.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 132

Went to a very nice July 4th gathering that my friend Carol Ann invited me to. It was the home of one of her Emmy award winning actor friends. The very same home where I held that beautiful statue just a few months before. After posting about it on facebook, I was invited to join the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. And I so graciously accepted. I had to share this story with the host. The food was delicious and all of us were so full, we couldn't even sit down after dinner. No one had the energy to go look for any fireworks, I think everyone was just calling it a night around 9PM. I drove my friend home and as we approached her building I saw a brilliant flash of light at the end of her street. Since it was almost 9:30, we thought we might catch a grand finale so we pulled over.
And waited.
So that was firework.
Well at least I enjoyed myself at the party because I have to return to the house tomorrow. I left my brand new phone on a table near the Emmy.

A Clear Channel - Day 131

There's nothing like realizing that you are now a caregiver to encourage you to get your sh*t together. That's what happens for some of us late bloomers, like my cousin Kevin and my boyfriend Danny. I spent the day getting my affairs in order before I dive into my mother's business. There's a whole lot of new stuff I'm gonna be responsible for and I want to be as organized as possible. I cleaned out a closet, threw away some stuff, put things in a "donate" pile and did some work on my finances. At one point during the day, I realized I would have to step it up if I wanted to see the fireworks tonight. Every year, the Saturday before July 4th there are fireworks at Santa Monica College and I can see them from my kitchen door. If I tip-toe. Last year, I discovered I could get a real good look from my neighbor's steps and I got permission to sit there any time I wanted to. The fireworks usually start around 9PM. At about 8:45, I got a craving for some pretzels and a brewsky. I walked to the corner store, and on my way out I told the guy behind the counter that I was going to watch the fireworks. He asked me where and I told him. He then said, "Oh they had them last week." Last week? WTF? Why would they have them last week? It wasn't even July last Saturday. I almost returned the beer and pretzels but thought that was kinda silly. Besides I really wanted the beer at that point. As I walked home, I kept thinking, "Where was I last Saturday?" There's been so much going on in my life lately, I just couldn't remember but I figured I probably wasn't home because I would have heard the fireworks and then gone outside to watch them. Once I got home, I remembered I was at the Hollywood Bowl with my friends Jack, Eric, and Ray Ray (see last Saturday's blog) at the ABBA concert. I also remembered at one point thinking, "I bet they have a nice fireworks show here on the 4th of July." Who would have thought that on that night, June 26th, there was a show right in my own backyard. Well tomorrow is the 4th and I'm gonna find some fireworks if I have to make them myself!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 130

If I lived in South Carolina, I'd have it made right about now. My mom and I have an amazing support system there. Right now, she is with a retired couple who love and adore her. She's in a huge beautiful home on several acres of land with a pool, jacuzzi and a wine cellar!! OK, so only I'm excited about the wine cellar, she could care less. Actually she's probably not that excited about the pool either, she just wants the AC on. We also have extended family close by one of whom is a nurse. We're all gonna get together next week and rally around her...let her know this is your support team. In my humble opinion, South Carolina is the perfect setting for her, but two things are missing: me and her house. One is in New York and the other is in Los Angeles. I have the support of my friends in LA, but my Mom knows no one and our support in New York is limited. I know I can count on my sweetie in NY, but my Mom's friends have either passed away, moved away or have their own aging issues to deal with. My immediate family is very small and busy with their own care giving activities. Guess it's my turn now. I chose not to be a mother but now I get to mother my mom. Deep.
I'm grateful for this time to process all of this. I'm almost finished with 1 out of the 4 elder care books I just bought and it's providing lots of information that's making me feel peaceful (at the moment). The real test will come as put all of this new found knowledge into practice. Gonna get back to reading now, I want to finish book #1 before I go to sleep tonight.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 129

Write it down. Today, my role as a caregiver has officially begun. My 4 elder care books have arrived, airline reservations have been made and phone calls to doctor's offices and in home care providers will be made tomorrow. Oh, and did I tell you I booked a movie? Yes. And nailed another callback today. But starting now, I have requested my agents and management team to cease and desist all auditions until I can get a handle on things with my Mom. I cannot effectively handle both at the same time right now. It's all too new. I am however, intending to make it all work out.
Just wanted to check in...gotta a lot of reading to do before Tuesday.