Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 210

There were less than a handful of celebrities that I thought I would love to meet. I've never really been star struck, but there is one star I always wanted to have 10 minutes of quality time with. She is smart, funny, famous and rich. I would simply ask her how she got started and if she had any words of wisdom for an up and coming actress like myself. This person was Whoopi Goldberg. I got way more than 10 minutes of her time when I stood in for her on a season of Hollywood Squares and on at least 2 Academy Award shows. I worked with her for so many days I've lost count and yet I've never had a meaningful conversation with her. She barely acknowledged my presence except for a few rude remarks for no apparent reason.
Here are my highlights of working with Ms. Goldberg:
~ One day while sitting in her center square during rehearsal (which was my job) the host asked me to do my best Whoopi Goldberg impersonation. I just laughed it off. He said, come on...why not? I then heard a voice come from the darkness say, "She's scared." Sh*t. That was Whoopi's voice. No Whoopi, I thought, I'm an actress not an impressionist.
~ At an Academy Award rehearsal during the time she was dating Frank Langella, I had to step off the stage so that Whoopi could rehearse her opening monologue. I was sitting in the front row and Frank was sitting next to me. He was so friendly. We were chatting...about Whoppi mostly and he made me laugh out loud. Whoopi glanced down at us. Sh*t again. That's all I get my butt beat by Whoopi Goldberg thinking I was trying to steal her man.
~ The one and only time Whoopi warmly acknowledged me was at her book signing at Book Soup. (I have the picture and the book to prove it). The next time I saw her at work she was talking to a friend of mine so I approached her to say thank you and she turned to me and said in a very nasty tone, "Can I help you with something?"
You know what Whoopi, maybe you're right. People who are not nice do scare me because I don't trust them.

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  1. Damn! Her and Luther? What's the world coming to?