Friday, February 19, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 10

Watching "Big Les: Problem Child" on Showtime. This sista is hysterical! She's manish and hoodish and so damn funny. If you can't handle profanity and grown folks talk don't even bother. She's not for the squeamish. She does cartwheels and everything with her BIG self!
So about my day. Had a great audition for Women of Brewster Place, the musical. I have several conflicts due to putting my solo show up for the Los Angeles Women's Theatre Festival and the theatre festival in Dublin, Ireland. We'll see what happens. Hung out at the Actors Center for a while then went to see Shutter Island. Good movie. Was going to go walking with the Nawiri Walkers tomorrow morning but it might be raining so I think I just sleep in and finish prepping for Laugh-A-Latte. I'll so see Valentine's Day before the drive to Long Beach. Got a huge line-up tomorrow night. Gotta keep the show tight or it will last all night. Hey, that rhymes!

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