Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 8

Had lunch today with a new friend. Went to Hugo's in the Valley. Lots of healthy choices on the menu and so I ordered....healthy. So why was my fork in his plate of pasta, bacon, eggs, sausage and cheese most of the time?
Went to a voice over class and was reminded that today is Lent. This is perfect for my new way of eating because I have to give up something I really like. For me it will be chicken....yes I said chicken. I love fried chicken and hot wings from Hot Wings on Melrose. For this moment til Easter I will not have any chicken!! Yikes.
Tomorrow got a callback for a commercial and then plan to walk from my house to the Apple Store to learn more about my new laptop. That will be a nice little walk. Gotta keep this up.

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