Friday, February 19, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 9

This post is a day late. The first day I missed since I started this new adventure of blogging. Of all the days to miss, it was the most murky. I had a callback for a commercial and I did something I usually don't do and that was to run an errand first. I usually don't even talk on the phone before an audition if I can help it but since I was in the area early I thought I'd make a stop. Something happened that disturbed me (even though I ran into a friend that I was happy to see) but it took me out of my zone. I went to the audition vowing to take a few moments of quiet time to clear my head. Also at the callback was the actress that suddenly stopped speaking to me and another actress who didn't come to see my solo show and all of that seemed so important at the time. It took a lot to get me to focus solely on what I was there to that commercial! When I got inside the room I felt like I just gave that part away. I knew I was on avail before I got there but that didn't even help. "On avail" means that the producer/director is highly interested in hiring you, hasn't made a final decision but wants you to keep the shoot dates available.
That said, I could be back here blogging about how I got the job. Hooray for Hollywood!!

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