Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 4

Today I cleared away some fear and pain.
I was at a rehearsal for a Valentine's Day Cabaret where I am singing I Got Love from the Broadway musical Purlie. Melba Moore won a Tony for her performance in 1970 and I wore out the grooves on the soundtrack after my parents took me to see the show back in the day. That's when I knew I wanted to be an actress. At first I declined the offer to do the cabaret show because of fear. I prefer to sing within the context of a show or within my comedy material. Just singing a song by itself makes my stomach hurt. About a week ago I decided to get over it. I've been singing I Got Love as an audition piece for years so I knew the last 32 bars quite well. I believe this might be my first time singing the entire song. Rehearsal was fun. Piece of cake. No fear and I'm looking forward to the show tomorrow.
While at rehearsal, a bottle of water fell on my healing fractured toe and now it doesn't hurt at all. I've heard of freak accidents but this was a strange sort of freaky miracle!! Looks like I'll be walking and riding my bike again soon so I can clear away some of these excess pounds.

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