Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 19

Completed my fourth and final vegan/raw foods class in the series of transitioning (to raw foods) today. There will be more classes but I've decided to let what I've learned so far marinate (so to speak). I've got four weeks of recipes, menus and a lot of new techniques for preparing healthy food. I plan to get a mini food processor for some of the recipes that won't work in a blender. Today we learned how to make a delicious chocolate mousse where the main ingredient was....get this...avocado!! You wouldn't even know it. And the walnut/date crust was just as yummy. You use a springboard pan like my cousin used for her ice cream dessert at Christmas.
Then I went to a dinner party with regular home cooking Sunday dinner type food, but I ate in moderation and skipped dessert. I'll go back to vegan land tomorrow. Progress not perfection. Met some great people at the dinner party. I was immediately recruited to read a part in the hostess' 10 minute play. No problem, as an artist, I'm used to "singing for my supper" and she didn't serve dinner til after the reading! Later over coffee we discussed possibly publishing my solo show. That sounds very appealing to me. I will be looking into that further. Me a published playwright? Wow. That means "book" signings and the possibility of another actress performing my show someday. Hmmmm. My friend Harold also mentioned that I should make sure I have my show filmed in Dublin. Dublin. Full speed ahead now. Got to get my show ready for the April 1st performance in West Hollywood and then on to Dublin at the end of April. I will be typing my press release tomorrow and working on re-writes of the ending of my piece. Must meet with my director this week to discuss the lighting and sound plots too. Better get some rest, I've got work to do!

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