Friday, February 26, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 17

Got away from the computer and ran some errands today. Nothing too exciting. Went to Co-op for some healthy foods for the recipes I've been collecting in my cooking class. Sunday is the last day in this particular series. I'm not planning on taking any more classes at the moment, I'd like to fully incorporate what I've learned this month then move on to something new. I tend to get overwhelmed with information because I love learning but at some point I've got to put it into practice. Ironically, one of my stops was at Agape and I ran into some friends and fans of Laugh-A-Latte who work there. They introduced me to the young lady who heads up the Whole Foods Ministry. Perfect timing! The woman I've been studying with did a series on raw foods there last year. It's an extension of what I've been learning this past month.
Got a last minute invitation to the Image Awards tonight, but a sista needs more than 15 minutes to get camera ready!
Had a great conversation with my friend Ralph. He knows me so well and has the best outlook on life. I always feel great after talking to him. I am so grateful to be re-united with him after all these years.
I'm looking forward to a fun weekend!

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