Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 14

Two auditions today. That's always fun. One for an internet commercial where I was a meter maid who gets lifted up by a major sports celebrity. Of course there was no real celebrity there so I had to pretend. Piece of cake, I just recalled the time Shaq picked me up over his head when we worked on a show called Cousin Skeeter. That man is strong!
The other audition was for the creator of Monk. He's working on a new pilot. It was nice to meet him. He gave me 3 adjustments. Hope I gave him what he wanted, I'm ready to work!! I'm a little sleepy, so short and sweet tonight.


  1. Good luck!! It must be in the name, but I always wanted to be funny in front of a lot of people. I am dying to find out who named you and who (if anyone) you are named after. You might be able to guess why I want to know . . . Have you ever met another Carlease??

  2. Hi Carlese, It's weird typing your name. It feels like I'm spelling my own name wrong and writing to myself. My Mom won't tell me where my name came from really. Sometimes she says, "Out of a book" and I say "What book? Consumer Reports?" I've had to create my own namesakes like my Aunt Carloan and her dog Carpet, my cousin Cartoon and the black sheep of the family Carjack. I've heard there are other Carlease's around with variations on the spelling but I have yet to meet them. Maybe you and I will change all that.