Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 13

Today I spent a lot of time looking at what I need to accomplish for my solo show's appearance in Dublin. I met a performer who is very familiar with the festival at my show Saturday night. He gave me about an hour of his time on the phone today pointing me in the right direction about how to promote my show before and after I arrive in Ireland. I am so grateful.
I stopped work long enough to go to my acupuncture appt. My toe is almost healed but not quite.
Back at home I concentrated on my budget and looking at ways to pay off my debt as soon as possible. I'm so fortunate to have a small amount of debt compared to some people, most people actually, but debt free is my preference and I know it can be done!
Today I received an email with a Financial Angel attached. It said if I forwarded it to 6 people I would receive a Financial Windfall. I don't usually respond to chain emails, but today I did. When I went to my mailbox, I had received a residual check!!! For 55 cents.

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