Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 12

Started off this morning at the callbacks for the west coast premiere of The Women of Brewster Place. It's a musical and it's been a long time since I've auditioned learning songs and a dance combination. There were lots of sistas there, basically two groups: the younger women and the, well....more mature women. Need I tell you which group I was in? Remember this is Hollywood. We were put in smaller groups for one song and had to sing the other by ourselves. All went well. I knew I was in the running when the director said, "Carlease, you're killing me with these conflicts." The choreographer took us through a combination with stepping and pirouettes and me and my fractured toe hung in there! I would not be surprised to get a call offering me a role, but now I realize that I have even more conflicts than I told the director about. Geez! In all probability I should turn it down. Even if I had an understudy they would be doing so many performances production might not go for it. I always feel I can do it all...things can be worked out but it's not always up to me. I really want to stay in good graces with my Equity agents who believe in me, but there's always something.
Had a great meeting with a publicist who also believes in me and is excited about working on my brand, getting me out there to promote the J-Lo movie coming out in April. She's going to offer me a proposal by the end of the week.
I told you it was going to get we go!

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