Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Clear Channel -Day 111

Taking care of a parent is no joke. Today I escorted my Mom to her follow-up appt. with her orthopedic surgeon. It was the first time she was outside the "facility" since she'd been admitted a little over a week ago. Before we even left I had to almost "create a scene" as she would say, to get her a seat belt for her wheelchair. There she is in an ambulette, wheelchair strapped in but she was not. The driver says, "I'll be careful". Are you kidding me? The reason why she is here is because of an accident that I firmly believe was the other person's fault, so what does you being careful have to do with anything? I told everyone we were not going anywhere until my mother was strapped in. Suddenly a seat belt appeared. I wheeled my Mom around for the first time today, which was a comedy in and of itself. I'm about a graceful as a bull in a china shop. I need a Wheelchair 101 class or something.
Well things are looking very good healing wise and the doctor said she could be home. I went back to the facility, announcing that we would be leaving immediately and was told it wasn't that simple. Apparently there are procedures. Oh....I see. Does that include a SEAT BELT!!!??? In reality, my Mom will start doing exercises for the stairs in her home, the home will have to be assessed and items ordered for her home to insure her safety. Hopefully she will be home sometime next week. I'd better start cleaning up!

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