Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 116

It's about 6AM. Hanging with my boo but I can't go back to sleep. He's up doing his morning ritual and preparing for a big audition today. My mind is racing with the continuing events surrounding my mother's care after her car accident. I thought I would stay in NY until after the 4th of July when I felt confident that my mom would be safe and secure in her home once again. Right now she's scheduled to go home June 23rd but if I form an alliance with the insurance company, she may be able to go home before that. Of course it couldn't be that easy. Got a call from my agent yesterday that I booked an industrial that I was up for in LA. It works June 25th. So now I have to figure out how to make this all work. Guess it's time to call in a team. Get some other people on board to help out. My mom has always been so independent and raised me to be the same, it's hard for either one of us to ask for help but we both need to get over that now. I'll tell my mom about the LA gig when I see her later and we'll have to start making some calls. I'm also up for a short film which shoots in LA the same week as the industrial. It would be nice to book that too. Two gigs while I'm there, I can check on some things and possibly come back to NY. Everything is so up in the air, but I appreciate having to make these decisions. It's teaching me to take care of myself during this challenging time. Today I will be able to cross one important thing of the list....I'm getting rid of the car. The '89 Toyota Camry is history!!


  1. Amen sister! And btw, I am so curious about your new boo. Gonna share any details?

  2. @Marcia: Since it is going to be a shocker to a lot of people, some of whom will not like the news, I know I have to be prepared for comments. Therefore I will leak out information little by little. If you've been paying attention, and I know you have, there have been clues along the way...