Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 109

One of my peeps from inside NYPD came through today. She called to say that my accident report was waiting for me at the front desk at the 105th Precinct. When I got there, there were two copies waiting for me and they waived the $10. fee! Nice start. Having all the information I needed, I proceeded to the accident site and took some pictures. It definitely looks like the driver that hit my Mom was at fault, I don't care what the New York stop sign law is. I chatted with the mailman who said he arrived after the accident took place and that there are a lot of accidents on that street. Obviously, that means the city should put up some more stop signs don't you think?....to slow people down on that road. Had a long chat with a nurse case worker at the insurance company and I have an idea of what is going on with my Mom medically. It's looking very good. Her progress is amazing. And....I spoke to the towing company lady...faxed her a copy of the police report and she contacted the other driver's insurance company. They are coming out to take a look at my Mom's car.
For the first time since I've been here I don't think I will toss and turn in my sleep tonight and I actually turned on the TV.

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