Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 122

Let me catch you up on what's been happening the last couple of days. My Mom is FREE! Out of the "facility" that I can now call a nursing home even though she was only there for physical therapy. It broke my heart to see her in there day after day for only two hours of PT. She was miserable. But now she is in a beautiful home with our extended family and lots of support until I can get there and bring her back home. Lots of decisions need to be made in the next few weeks but this is an ongoing change of life experience. With a little room to breathe and some help from my support system, I know I can handle this.
In the meantime, my wonderful Danny surprised me with tickets to Alvin Ailey at BAM last night. It just gets better and better. We make 20 year olds blush when we're out together and he awed our beautiful waitress last night. When my man stepped away from the table for a minute, she just looked at me and said..."Wow, he's such a gentleman"... All I could say is, "Yes he is..."
I may have to relocate back to NY to take care of my Mom because I have to, but I would relocate back to NY for my man because I WANT to. Stay tuned...

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