Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 126

What a spiritual connection I have with my sweetie. The day after my car battery died and I got a replacement, the same thing happened to him!! I feel like a teenager in love and it feels GOOD!!! Unlike in my youth, I know this is real and for all the right reasons. Danny is totally in the mix as far as my decision making regarding my Mom. I have amazing friends (Ralph, Jack, Carol Ann and others) who have been talking me through this process guiding me in the right direction. Lydia, Sherri, Danny and others have been praying with me. My facebook friends have been praying for me and Mom. I realize now that this is not a one shot deal. It's one day, one step at a time. (I may have said that before). It's like being on a journey to an unknown destination. I just have to trust with all my heart and soul that when I take the first step and do what I have to do, I will then know what the next step is.
I've had talks with my agents and managers and may have to take some time off from my work to concentrate on Mom. Maybe stay in New York for a while. I know it will all work out, there is nothing to fear. Her health and well being is most important now. A long conversation with my dear friend Ralph put a lot of things in perspective for me last night. I am grateful for all the love and support I have been receiving from people I love and trust. I have nothing to fear.

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