Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 117

Tried to cross the car off the ever growing list of things that need to taken care of today. After several conversations with the auto body shop and both insurance companies, I drive all the way to where the car is located only to find out that I am expected to pay all the towing and storage fees and the third party insurance would reimburse me for only 20% of the total. I am so numb these days, I couldn't even get upset. I got back in the car with the intention of going to get the money in Queens and somehow ended up at the Midtown Tunnel. Since I had an appointment with a loctician in the Bronx later in the day I decided to stay on that side of town. I'll deal with the car tomorrow.
Started making some calls to see who may be available to help my Mom out when I go to LA for work later this month.
Got my hair did by the lotician and even though the style was not exactly what I wanted, I did enjoy having my hair washed, conditioned and braided. We sipped on some wine and I even got a bonus hand massage from her daughter. When I take these braids out, my hair will be fierce!!

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