Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 115

Took a Mom break today and went into the city for the first time since I've been here. I had a meeting with my east coast agency's office. I wanted to test the climate for work here in New York in case I end up moving back to take care of my Mom. It definitely looks like there is work for me if I am interested in building my theatre credits. Lots of regional theatres cast out of NY, and with my LA credits and a fresh new face, I'm sure I could be working in a relatively short period of time. It's not going to happen overnight and my agency needs to know that I will be around for a while and that am free to take work as it arises. It would involve some travel but would be top of the line productions. I can't believe how I suddenly have these new life changing decisions to make simultaneously. Taking care of my Mom, a brand new relationship and a major career move. I haven't even talked to my manager about this yet. That's the next call I have to make.
After my meeting, my sweetie met me at the agent's office and told me he had a surprise for me....we went to see In The Heights!! So there we are on Broadway watching really good theatre reminiscing about how my acting journey started on a New York. stage in the first place. My friend Sherri Shepherd is doing an off-Broadway show and we're gonna get tickets and surprise her one night this week.
To be honest, the idea of moving back to New York for a minute is becoming quite exciting. The only thing I would hate to lose is my Santa Monica apt. and the best manager I've ever had. If I can hold on to those two things....it's on!

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