Monday, June 14, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 119

Back-up has arrived. Tina and Sam (my sister-in-law and brother in my head) drove up to New York from South Carolina to see their "Grandy" (my Mom). I met Tina at the "facility" this morning while Mom was having her physical therapy. Sam joined us later and we took Grandy out for a ride. We took her to her house and she was thrilled. Just having Tina and Sam there was comforting enough, but I know she was ecstatic to set foot (and busted knee) in her own home. We all chowed down on oxtails, plantains, and Jamaican rice for lunch and had to constantly watch Grandy cause she wanted to flit around the house. She was mostly concerned about the plants I hadn't been watering and mailed she hadn't opened. We got everything done that she wanted and she even agreed to let us take her back to the "facility". I thought sure she was going to resist. We're all going to her team meeting tomorrow at 10AM. Unfortunately the insurance company says all decisions concerning her release date and at home care have to come from the "facility" so we have to be compliant. I was hoping my Mom would be able to go home this week because I have a shoot in LA next week plus I know she really wants to get out of there. I'm not quite sure how this is going to work out but I have to trust and believe that it will.
Spent the evening with my sweetie who always knows just what to say and do to ground me. He's so sweet, gentle and tender just when I need it the most. For some silly reason, as it started to get late, I had this moment of vulnerability where I though he wanted me to leave. I was all teary eyed and everything. All of a sudden a small but long box appeared on my lap. When I opened it, there was the most beautiful necklace inside. A silver heart on a silver chain, bling!! Then I was crying for another reason. Tears of joy. His timing was perfect (as always). I have no reason to doubt that Danny loves me. Ever. If I have a vulnerable moment again, all I have to do is touch my heart (just like he has) or look in the mirror, cause I'm never taking it off!!


  1. What is "a brother in my head?"

  2. lol...@Marcia: Don't you watch The Wendy Williams show? Oh that's right, you don't watch TV. It simply means that it's not a fact. So Sam is not my blood brother but like a brother to me and a part of my extended family.
    Wendy Williams is always talking about some celebrities that she's never met but she likes them and calls them "a friend in my head".