Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 151

My GEICO commercial is airing back east!! Got facebook and text messages from people who have seen it. Very cool. Here's to a nice, long, national run and then some!!
Went to a workshop about mandalas tonight at Leeza's Place. Lots of blessings there. First of all, Leeza's Place was founded by Leeza Gibbons whose mother had Alzheimer's so she created a space where caregivers could support and be supported by one another. I came home with tons of information, resources etc. on care giving. On the last Thursday of the month Sisters Staying Healthy have meetings there and tonight the topic was mandalas (a circle with a drawing or design inside) which is a scared, spiritual practice in some parts of the world. It can also be a meditative practice, one in which I am very familiar with. Tonight we created our own mandalas. I've been used to working with (coloring) ones that have been created by someone else. Google "mandalas" to see what I am talking about. When I figure out how to jazz up this blog, I will post a picture of one myself. I went to the meeting early to gather information about care giving so I was the first one there and won a prize for that. It was a book about healthy foods for various health issues one may be facing. Perfect.
I know as I continue on this care giving journey, I must stay physically and spiritually healthy like never before. The rest will take care of itself.

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