Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 141

Today must have been the most stressful day of my life. I am not a deceitful person by any means, but I've had to resort to trickery in order to get my Mom to accept help while I'm away. I hired a in home helper disguised as a physical therapist and told my Mom that her doctor said she would have to choose between the help at home or go back to that "facility". Naturally she chose the former. I feel terrible lying to her like that but I don't feel comfortable leaving her alone. The plan for now is to have the "physical therapist" stay til I get back from my film shoot.
Then I found out that my Mom's "handyman" is more interested in handling her than fixing our air conditioners so I had to handle him. This fake uniform, no tool carrying, can't fix sh*t Negro better back up off my mother or you will be reading about me in the paper instead of reading this blog. One of us is going to jail. I am not to messed with on this. I now have to deal with elder abuse? He's a sick @&%#.
As a result of all this pressure, I kinda lashed out at my significant other, and I believe we had our first spat. It wasn't an argument really. I just had to tell him how I felt about something that was bothering me. He has no problem expressing himself so we were able to work it out, compromise and ended up having a lovely day. He had bought me a beautiful new dress that I am so grateful for but all this mess happened in between the time he bought it and the time he gave it to me. I admit, I am a bit sensitive right now.
So, I lost what I thought was someone I could trust and depend on with the "handyman" but after a phone conversation with my god brother, I now have a new member for TEAM MOM. My god brother Harvey is totally willing and available to provide all the support we need while I'm away and he's brilliant!! Welcome to the team Harvey.

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