Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 142

Today I had a very lengthy and uplifting phone call from my friend Julie Rice. She and her sister have been caregivers for both of their parents so she had a lot to offer. What I liked about our conversation is the way she first shared her experience and then let me know that she really understands me personally and what I am going through. She never preached or told me what to do. She did suggest that I take a week to just focus on me. Carlease Week. I am definitely taking her advice. I made a list of pampering and things I really like to do but have put off for various reasons. The first thing I did when we hung up this morning was call all my agents to let them know I was available for work. I had a voice over audition at 4:30PM. Since I'm going to be here for a month to be available for this Disney movie I'm working on, why shouldn't I be out there creating even more work for myself? My mother wants me to hurry back to New York, but why? I've got to have a plan and specific purpose the next time I visit. I can't just go back there to hold her hand. So Carlease Week has officially started. The "physical therapist" is in place and my mother seems to be taking to her quite nicely. I'm gonna step back a little bit, let them get acquainted and find their own rhythm. Right now I've got to unbraid all this hair.

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