Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 135

They are gonna make a country girl out of me yet. This morning I picked blueberries for the very first time and once I figure out how to transfer the footage from my Flip, I might even post it here on this blog. Fortunately, the bush we were picking from was not full of ripe berries so it wasn't a very long adventure. It was fun though.
My god-sisters drove over from another town to visit and assess my mother's present state of mind. They are a vital part of my support system and I trust them immensely. I'm happy for the input, honesty and candidness while I'm here in South Carolina. It's what happens back at the house in New York when I'm all alone with my Mom is what I'm worried about. I have to trust that I will get the help I need to take care of her and myself. I know I have my Danny there waiting for me. That gives me peace of mind. There is so much to be done, things I have never done before. The most important is finding care for my mother when I return to LA to shoot this Disney film. Then I can come back and stay a little longer to stabilize things a bit.
Tomorrow we go to see the newest addition to the family, Dylan David Baldwin in Atlanta. Then it's time for Grandy to return to her own home. I am grateful for all the help we have received here, but we must face the inevitable.
I can do all things through Christ. He gives me strength.

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