Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 132

Went to a very nice July 4th gathering that my friend Carol Ann invited me to. It was the home of one of her Emmy award winning actor friends. The very same home where I held that beautiful statue just a few months before. After posting about it on facebook, I was invited to join the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. And I so graciously accepted. I had to share this story with the host. The food was delicious and all of us were so full, we couldn't even sit down after dinner. No one had the energy to go look for any fireworks, I think everyone was just calling it a night around 9PM. I drove my friend home and as we approached her building I saw a brilliant flash of light at the end of her street. Since it was almost 9:30, we thought we might catch a grand finale so we pulled over.
And waited.
So that was firework.
Well at least I enjoyed myself at the party because I have to return to the house tomorrow. I left my brand new phone on a table near the Emmy.

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