Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 136

The day finally arrived. Yesterday my Mom aka "Grandy" and I went through with our original travel plans to see 3 1/2 month old Dylan David Baldwin. We took a three hour road trip from Aiken, SC to Buford, GA. Kyle Baldwin is Dylan's Daddy and Grandy and I have know him since he was a baby. It amazing to watch the circle of life in motion. Kyle and his wife Dee have a beautiful 5 bedroom home. My little Santa Monica bungalow is about the same size as their Master bathroom...that's right I said bathroom. There were 3 generations of male Baldwins in the room and it was touching to see them in their simultaneous roles as granddad, sons, dads and grandson. This is truly my family and I love them.
Let me interject...right now we are having a down pour here in Aiken. It's a beautiful sight from the sun room. I love being surrounded by lush foliage after a rain. Guess we'll have to go in the pool later or tomorrow.
Back to the trip yesterday...while in the car I had a phone interview for my TV spot on Los Angeles Women's Theatre Festival's show called Spotlight. It was all about my solo show, Fifty! It Doesn't Look This Good On Everybody. The show is about growth, tolerance, self-acceptance and my mother so it was very interesting to answer questions about the show with her and two other family members sitting right there. They were very respectful as I babbled on about myself for about 20 minutes. No matter where I am I manage to fit work in. I must say I censored myself a bit, but will pull out all the stops on the air on July 21st.
After a good ole southern dinner of pulled pork, mac n cheese, greens and Kyle's mint sweet tea, we smothered Dylan with enough kisses to last him til the next time we see him which I hope is before he goes to college.

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