Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 131

There's nothing like realizing that you are now a caregiver to encourage you to get your sh*t together. That's what happens for some of us late bloomers, like my cousin Kevin and my boyfriend Danny. I spent the day getting my affairs in order before I dive into my mother's business. There's a whole lot of new stuff I'm gonna be responsible for and I want to be as organized as possible. I cleaned out a closet, threw away some stuff, put things in a "donate" pile and did some work on my finances. At one point during the day, I realized I would have to step it up if I wanted to see the fireworks tonight. Every year, the Saturday before July 4th there are fireworks at Santa Monica College and I can see them from my kitchen door. If I tip-toe. Last year, I discovered I could get a real good look from my neighbor's steps and I got permission to sit there any time I wanted to. The fireworks usually start around 9PM. At about 8:45, I got a craving for some pretzels and a brewsky. I walked to the corner store, and on my way out I told the guy behind the counter that I was going to watch the fireworks. He asked me where and I told him. He then said, "Oh they had them last week." Last week? WTF? Why would they have them last week? It wasn't even July last Saturday. I almost returned the beer and pretzels but thought that was kinda silly. Besides I really wanted the beer at that point. As I walked home, I kept thinking, "Where was I last Saturday?" There's been so much going on in my life lately, I just couldn't remember but I figured I probably wasn't home because I would have heard the fireworks and then gone outside to watch them. Once I got home, I remembered I was at the Hollywood Bowl with my friends Jack, Eric, and Ray Ray (see last Saturday's blog) at the ABBA concert. I also remembered at one point thinking, "I bet they have a nice fireworks show here on the 4th of July." Who would have thought that on that night, June 26th, there was a show right in my own backyard. Well tomorrow is the 4th and I'm gonna find some fireworks if I have to make them myself!!

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