Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 134

As I sit here in Aiken, South Carolina waiting for some delicious smelling cupcakes to finish baking, let me tell you about my day here in the south. I must also let you know I am sipping on some home made blackberry wine. Lord, I hope I don't need another program after this visit.
I was awakened by a call from a my childhood friend, Tina Pilgrim this morning. I hadn't talked to her in ages and we had (and still have) sooo much catching up to do. First of all, I had to explain to her that I was currently in the home of the couple (Tina and Sam Baldwin) who purchased her aunt's house in Hollis, Queens back in 1971. The fact that there are two Tinas in this story makes it all the more confusing n'est pas?
Then of course I had to fill her in on what was happening with my Mom who is doing quite well by the way. Some of what I was worried about seems to have subsided, but she stills needs to see her doctor and I'm not so sure she should be alone at the point in her life. As I spent time with her today, I don't want her to be alone no matter what the doctor says. We took her to physical therapy where she is such a good patient. She has some exercises to do at home and I will be joining her since my knee has started acting up. Isn't there a term for that?
After therapy, Tina Baldwin took us on a tour of Aiken. Amazing. No traffic, no crowds and everybody speaks to each other. I know I'm here on a mission, but it feels like a vacation. I could so get used to this. The heat isn't that bad (compared to New York I hear) and I managed to escape the earthquake in Southern Cali earlier today.
We had a fish fry for dinner with fried green tomatoes and now Miss Tina B. is trying to get me to take a 1:20AM dip in the pool followed by a jacuzzi grand finale. I'd rather continue to sip on my blackberry wine and nibble on these delicious 5 flavor cupcakes. I guarantee you, I will take that dip in the pool before I leave here.

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