Friday, July 2, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 130

If I lived in South Carolina, I'd have it made right about now. My mom and I have an amazing support system there. Right now, she is with a retired couple who love and adore her. She's in a huge beautiful home on several acres of land with a pool, jacuzzi and a wine cellar!! OK, so only I'm excited about the wine cellar, she could care less. Actually she's probably not that excited about the pool either, she just wants the AC on. We also have extended family close by one of whom is a nurse. We're all gonna get together next week and rally around her...let her know this is your support team. In my humble opinion, South Carolina is the perfect setting for her, but two things are missing: me and her house. One is in New York and the other is in Los Angeles. I have the support of my friends in LA, but my Mom knows no one and our support in New York is limited. I know I can count on my sweetie in NY, but my Mom's friends have either passed away, moved away or have their own aging issues to deal with. My immediate family is very small and busy with their own care giving activities. Guess it's my turn now. I chose not to be a mother but now I get to mother my mom. Deep.
I'm grateful for this time to process all of this. I'm almost finished with 1 out of the 4 elder care books I just bought and it's providing lots of information that's making me feel peaceful (at the moment). The real test will come as put all of this new found knowledge into practice. Gonna get back to reading now, I want to finish book #1 before I go to sleep tonight.

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