Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 188

I got some great news a couple of days sweetie has stopped smoking!! Wow. He didn't tell me for two days. I am so proud of him. Two days is more than half way there for the poison to get out of your body. It takes three. Now I think he has about 5 smoke free days. I'm noticing that we bring out the best in each other. Now that we are in this relationship, I've been observing that we are making changes in our lives in order to be better individuals. I believe this will make our relationship even stronger. The changes we are making are coming from within, not because the other party wants it. Our health and longevity have taken on new meaning. How awesome is that? For me, I have been making and keeping doctors appointments that I have put off in general and since my Mom has been ill. I've been so busy trying to control her doctor's visits I've neglected mine. That has got to stop. So off to bed I go...early dentist appointment tomorrow.

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