Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 183

I was what they call a "picture wrap" on the Disney film today. This is the first project I have worked on that used that term. I was in hair and make-up way longer than I was on camera but Rhoda (my character) looked beautiful for the prom. As a matter of fact everyone did. Even the director was wearing a prom dress over his T-shirt and shorts! Too funny. I had so much fun working on this film and I look forward to doing more work where I feel like a member of the family. Usually as a guest star, co-star or day player an actor feels like a visitor when he/she shows up on set. Everyone who has been working daily gets to establish relationships and form bounds (or not) with their co-workers. I anxiously await the days when I get to say, "I look forward to going to work everyday." By work, let's be specific...I mean TV and film acting primarily but it could also be hosting, comedy, stage or producing. Just putting all my gifts out on the table. So today it was a picture wrap for me. Now I get to concentrate on my trips to Hawaii for my birthday and New York to handle some business with my Mom.
I'm a little sleepy so for tonight, that's a wrap.

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