Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 182

Well I'm still up and haven't received a call time for tomorrow yet. (My last day on the film PROM). Got an email about the wrap party but no email about work tomorrow. That must mean they are working late which means I will have a late call time. That also means I might be able to make it to the two auditions my people have for me in the morning. Both at 11:00 in two different places. It's often a shuffle board game in this business. Let's see who can reschedule so that it works for all of us. One project shoots in New Orleans. Wouldn't mind going back there. I actually like NOLA and have been thinking about it a lot lately. Probably due to Spike Lee's Part II..."And Da Creek Don't Rise", a discussion about it on the Front Page and the fact that Marcia Wall's birthday is coming up. I should probably go to bed so I can get up early not only for work but because I have some more care management to take care of. Tonight I find out that our home attendant spoke to someone who advised her to stop driving my Mom around in her car because of liability concerns. I absolutely agree. That is why I need professional help when I return to NY. I'm worried about my mother's social network and I don't mean online. She's never been one to ask for help (now I know where I get that from) but she really needs to now. She told me today that her friends have offered to take her places etc., but she feels like she's bothering them. I don't see what's wrong with asking one of her girlfriends if she can tag along when they go grocery shopping. Everyone has to eat right? Isn't that what little old ladies do...go shopping together? Even the doctor asked her about her activities and she told him she goes to church three times a week. HUH? How is the church lady sitting up in the doctor's office lying about going to church? Now you know there needs to be an intervention. She's starting to convince me she's OK on the phone but I gotta get back there to see for myself. There will be some people coming over to the house. I ain't afraid to ask for help no mo'!!

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