Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 201

What a day. God is good. So I experienced Coney Island with my Beloved. I could blog about how I was only there to support him because I really didn't feel like I fit in with these people dancing in a trance like state to house music I didn't recognize. I really wanted to get into it and join them but I just wasn't feeling it. Danny was totally enjoying himself as usual (he talks about going to Coney Island every weekend) and I certainly didn't want to sit there with my lips all poked out. The last thing I wanted was to ruin his fun time with his friends. And then.....we took a walk on the beach to watch the sunset, then he asked one of the drummers if I could play his djembe, then we hustled together just like back in the day. He did everything to make the evening enjoyable for me. I don't consider myself high maintenance but I know I can be a little grumpy at times. I'm so thankful my sweetie brings out the best in me. We really had a good time. On the walk to the car, I just had to get some popcorn so we stopped a little place right down the street from Nathans were I just had to get a hot dog a few hours earlier. We get the popcorn, walk to the car and drive off. About half way home I discover I had lost my wallet. We drove all the way back to the popcorn place, retraced our steps....nothing. Fortunately, it wasn't the wallet with all the important stuff. Whoever found it would get some money, my SAG card, insurance cards and a bunch of junk I should have thrown away a long time ago. Oh well, I was really working on letting go even though I had a fantasy of getting a facebook message from some nice person who found my wallet. My phone seemed to have a lot of activity going on so I checked my messages just the keep my mind off my missing stuff and the first message was from an angel. Her name is Adrienne. She found my wallet!! On the corner at Nathans. She and her family were coming from dinner. She googled me and called about three different numbers after finding my webpage. It was so cute because the first thing she said was..."don't get too excited, there's no ID, drivers license or credit cards". After explaining to her that those items were in a different wallet, she asked me if anyone from Hot Java had called me. (Lord this is a long story). My friend Jack had called because he got a call in California that my wallet had just been found in Brooklyn and he thought I had gotten mugged. So ironic, I had texted Jack some pics of Nathans earlier just to make his mouth water.
I will be meeting Adrienne tomorrow or during the week. Oh, did I tell you she read yesterday's blog so she knew the number she was calling was indeed attached to me cause I blogged about going to Coney Island. It's so nice to know there are decent, honest people in the world.
So how was Coney Island? Awesome. Between texting, google, blogs and mobile phones social networking took on a whole new meaning for me tonight.
Thanks Adrienne!!!

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