Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 203

Danny and I have been playing house for about a week now, but last night we cooked our first meal together. That was interesting. I really need to work on my collaboration skills in the kitchen. I kinda wanted to do it my way. I'm used to either cooking for myself or having someone cook for me. When he wanted to add more paprika and sliced onion to my baked chicken, I had a bit of an attitude. That's not how my Mama did it. That's not like MY baked chicken recipe. What a brat I am. That chicken was slammin'!! And so was the brown rice, the corn, the roasted veggies and the salad. Now that I got over that hurdle, it will be better next time although I noticed we haven't made dinner plans for tonight yet. Let's see what happens. I also feel a little torn between two households but that's another story. All I know is my Beloved didn't request any biscuits with his meal last night. Whew!

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