Monday, September 27, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 202

I just realized I haven't checked my email since I've been here in New York. That's one week! Yikes. That's one of the reasons I bought this laptop. Obviously, I've been making time to blog, check out facebook and look up a couple of addresses on mapquest. This week, I've really got to get down to business with my Mom. With Danny being off from work last week I split my time between the two of them more than I thought I would. My Mom is not into the "one big happy family" concept so some activities have to be separate. Danny and I did take Mom to church yesterday. She looked beautiful!! All three of us saw people we hadn't seen in years. Very nice. I think I found the place where I will send my tithes until I find a church home in L.A. In the meantime New Jerusalem Baptist Church feels like home to me.
After church Danny and I went into the city to a jazz club. My friend Andrea Meyerson was in town from L.A. working on a documentary. She's been working on this project for a while and I wanted to support her. Besides, we had never hung out in New York together and I wanted her to meet Danny. Andrea and her partner Maureen gave him the thumbs up and that means a lot to me. The reviews are in...he's an all around good guy...but I knew that already.
I was pretty tired after all that, but there was one more stop. We had to drive to Brooklyn to pick up my lost wallet. We met Adrienne and her lovely family at their home, chatted a bit and was on our way. I hope we will keep in touch. Adrienne is my new best friend. Now I'm going to go put my wallet back together or probably throw most of the contents away. I know I'm going to be wondering from now on....what do the contents of a person's wallet reveal to a perfect stranger? Hmmmmmm?

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