Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 195

Went to another locktician today recommended by my friend Kimberly. Although the shop was cute, I had an enjoyable time and the price was right, I now have another "handle" coming out of the side of my head. These braided styles just don't work for me but the only way to achieve my "look" is to leave the locks braided for about a day or two. Unlike my experience in New York a few months ago, I will go back to Terri and we will figure this out. The idea is to take the hair down in stages and have about three different looks along the way. We may have to experiment a bit to get that first style to look as cute as the end result. At least I know I can do it myself but the professionals do add a little something extra and my hair stays neater longer. Either way, the braids are not the most attractive look for me in my opinion.
I think I made a little progress as far as getting a heads up on my Mom's situation. Don't want to speak too soon. As she would say, "let's just wait and see what happens." Wonder what it will take for me to adopt that philosophy?

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