Monday, September 13, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 193

OK, so I called computer guy #2 and he suggested that I call computer guy #1 back since he and my computer have history. I guess that makes sense. A couple of people have suggested that I might have to remove/erase/take away??? everything and put it all back together again. Isn't that like Humpty Dumpty? So I've got a call out to #1 but this is getting very annoying. I have things to do that are so much more convenient to do on my desktop than on this Mac. I don't have all my important stuff on here yet which is a whole 'nother project! Lord, me and my projects. As I've blogged before, my sweetie is always asking me what my plans are for the day and lately it seems like I am always balancing a checkbook. He is an accountant who deals with a ton of money for the City of New York so he's probably wondering, "How long does it take to balance a checkbook" or "My girl must be loaded!!" The truth is, about three years ago (trying to help someone as usual) I hired a woman to do the prep work before getting my taxes done. It's quite a job, but I had been doing it myself. Well, it was a mess. I might as well have done it myself and she was not cheap! Here we go again with me paying someone for sub-standard results. We haven't even been in touch since then. Anyway, I couldn't figure out how to reconcile my accounts so I did nothing. Now, here I am becoming a care giver for my mother, entering Big Girl unknown territory, so I'm really concerned about getting my shyte in order. I'm going back three years to try and fix this! Record keeping when it comes to money has never been my strength. I know how to make it and I know how to spend it, I can't wait to have Danny around to take care of the rest. Just thinking about it is making me tired. Goodnight.


  1. Hey ... if you want me to take a look @ your desktop, gimme a call. I don't have any tools or applications to actually fix it, but my trouble shooting skills are pretty good!

    you know how to reach me, and i'm here til january! see you this weekend in LB


  2. I so appreciate that Tree, but the object is to get it fixed. Believe it or not my computer guy showed up at my home today and I could have sworn we made the appt. for tomorrow and I wasn't there. I don't feel terribly icky about this, but maybe there are some signs here that I should be paying attention to.