Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 96

I finally feel normal again. After the weekend and last night's police activity here in South Central Santa Monica that lasted well into the morning, I was too tired to even talk. I went to an audition today for the role of a sign language interpreter which is always fun because you have to roll with the punches and we get a chance to educate folks not familiar with Deaf culture. This particular director knew what he wanted though. We'll see what happens. The Deaf community is very small, yet I saw faces (both hearing and Deaf) I didn't recognize.
Then I took myself to lunch, had to get a jump start on my car cause I left the lights on. Now why were they on in the daytime in the first place? See, still a little groggy. Came home, washed and braided my hair. That's a 4 hour job. I usually let it air dry for an entire day, but I won't be able to this time. Have an audition at 11:15AM, then on to a wardrobe fitting for my commercial shoot on Thursday. Can't show up in braids...it tends to make people nervous.
While I was doing my hair, I caught up on Dancing With The Stars. Three couples left, finals next week. I think Nicole from The Pussy Cat Dolls is gonna win. She's my favorite. Although that skater guy is pretty good. Naw, he won't win. It's gonna be Nicole.
Now Celebrity Apprentice? Can't figure that one out. It's between Holly Robinson-Peete and Brett Michaels. Two completely different styles, same passion for their charity. Should be interesting. I've really grown to know and like Brett and to respect Holly. She is not to be messed with! LOL...like I know them personally....too funny. Oh well, it's better than watching the news.
Off to study for my audition tomorrow so someone can watch ME on TV.

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