Friday, May 28, 2010

A Clear Channel -Day 105

It's been quite a long, emotional day. Being an only child, a baby boomer with an elderly parent, I knew that this time in my life might come. I just always prayed that I was prepared for it and in some ways I am, yet you can never really prepare for change. There's so much going on with my Mom right now. First dealing with the accident details themselves, her health/recovery and then what next? I'm grateful for my program, clarity and friends who are guiding me through this whole process. I've always experienced my mother as indestructible, invincible, tough as nails, take no prisoners. Her demeanor is quite different these days which makes it easier to get along with her but I'm not familiar with this new Mom, so it feels very strange.
Had errands to run (police station, towing place, getting my Mom and new cell phone) and people to talk to, one in particular who was not very nice. I told the insurance representative about it and let her know I have people on the "inside". One thing I have learned from program, is to call on help. I used to think I could do everything by myself (guess who I got that from?) but today, I know I can't. It's easy to go it alone when you know what you're doing but why suffer when you don't? The other thing I have learned is to receive help from those who are genuinely offering assistance and don't waste time or energy on those who obviously aren't there for you. And then there are those people who may think you don't need anything from them or feel they have nothing to offer, so you need to be unafraid and very specific. I'm learning to recognize people's individual strengths and ask for back up.
Right now I'm asking God for a good night's sleep. I'm gonna let myself rest until my body is ready to get out of bed or the phone rings, whichever comes first. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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