Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 104

Arrived at JFK at 2AM (almost 24 hours ago). After a decent night's sleep, I gathered up some stuff, bought a cute little floral basket and some NY style Chinese food and went to see my Mom. I don't want to call this facility a nursing home, but it's ....nursing home. Neither one of us is particularly happy about that but until I really get all the info I need, that's what we're dealing with. For now.
I feel like I'm entering a new chapter, a new phase of my life and it's a bit scary. It's certainly unfamiliar territory for me, caring for my Mom. Even though we've lived 3,000 miles away for a quarter of a century, she's always been the strong one. In control and running things 24/7. If anyone has seen my solo show, you have an idea of what I'm talking about. All of that is about to change, I can just feel it. I've had my "moments" already, but I will not let my Mom see me upset. I've got to be strong for her like she's been for me all these years. For the first time ever, I heard her say today that she doesn't know about living in her house any longer. Wow. That's big. So what next? We don't know. The most important thing is her recovery from the car accident and I trust and pray that God will show us the next step at the right time. I have some amazing friends to support me through this (Thank you Parker, Danny, Cindy and Donna) and more importantly, I'm home.

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