Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 89

My Mother's Day gift was a hit!! Thanks to my dear friend Danny who recommended a store called Things Remembered, I got an awesome gift for my mom and she loved it. I ordered it online and it looked pretty nice, but when I saw it in the actual store I was really impressed. Personalized, gift wrapped, shipped and delivered all in one week. I can't believe how many times I passed that store in the mall and never even looked in. I'm not much of a shopper anyway. I usually go to stores with only what I'm looking for in mind. I don't really window shop. I'm trying to enjoy it more especially clothes shopping and I think I'm getting better or at least more interested. I love to spend money but not fond of shopping. Huh?
Got a couple of small projects done around the house today then went to my friend Andrea's comedy show scouting new comics and supporting some friends who went up tonight. I escaped going on stage by drinking some wine. I don't drink and joke. Sometimes I just want to be a guest and be entertained. It is nice to be asked though and to have audience members excited to see you hoping you're in the show. I had a good time. I promoted Laugh-A-Latte and recruited a couple of new comics. I also made an appointment with a new client for Ask Stage Mom.
Now I think I'll unwind by either watching a movie or Celebrity Apprentice.

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