Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 106

Got my Mom a new phone today. What a pleasant experience. The people at AT&T in Fresh Meadows were awesome. So patient. They set everything up for Mom in a way that I could understand. They even sold me a bluetooth for my Sprint phone so I could get an instant rebate. Back at the "facility" I showed my Mom how to use it and chatted with a couple of her guests. Mr. Pringle (the handyman....hmmmm) and a neighbor Mrs. Miles. It was fun catching up and hearing about her daughters Brenda and Debbie. We used to play on the block together when we were little and now Brenda has a 30 year old son!! It's hard to imagine especially if you have no kids.
No drama today, but I'm still tired so I'm going to bed after this short blog. Mom is doing well. We're looking forward to seeing her doctor on Thurs. We're ready to move on...we don't like this "facility".

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