Friday, May 21, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 99

Lord have mercy, what a day! Started off with a wardrobe fitting for the film I thought I was doing on Monday, then off to a commercial audition also shooting on Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday. From there I went to meet with a client at the now infamous Hollywood and Highland and stopped to get some lunch at Baja Fresh since I was early. I sat across from the Gruman's Chinese Theatre watching the people dressed up in costumes taking photos with the throng of tourists strolling along the boulevard. I wondered, "What kind a person dresses up like Sponge Bob Square Pants, Wonder Woman and Spider Man? How much could they possibly get paid? "Why does Spider Man's outfit look so dingy? Who do they report to for work and just how sleazy is that boss?" After finishing my lunch, I was trying my best to avoid getting any where near those "characters" when The Incredible Hulk leans over and says, "I love your work." What else could I say but thank you. Wow. That was a very humbling moment. He was just a guy (maybe an aspiring actor) doing what he had to do to make in Hollywood.
I still had about 45 minutes til my client arrived so I went into Sephora, the make-up store. I seem to be allergic to MAC eyeshadow, so I took this opportunity to try something new. I was trying on different colors and was just about to make a selection when I got the news. My cousin called from back east to tell me that my mother (also back east) had been in a car accident, shattered her knee and was in the hospital. What a blow. I knew I had to remain calm, but I could feel my heart racing. It was too late to cancel my meeting so I went to the designated spot and called the hospital. Once I located my Mom and heard her voice I was able to calm down a little. I went through with my meeting and immediately went home to make plans for a trip to New York. I already had a ticket for June 1st but I know now I will be leaving a bit sooner. Just one day on this film and I'm out of here. Oh really? Remember that commercial audition I mentioned at the beginning of this blog? I booked it! And it works....on Monday! What??? Couldn't get a hold of my manager right away, so I called production on the film found out that I am actually working on Tuesday so now I can do the commercial on Monday. And so it is.
Now, back to my Mom...spoke to her, several family members, neighbors and friends and she will be well taken care of until I get there next week. Still, I long to be with her. I hate to think of her waiting in ER all day for a room. I'm so happy that she is coherent, she even refused pain medication, but I know this can't be pleasant for her. There's so much to be done. I'm grateful for the support we both have. Even my facebook prayer warriors are sending the love, but I'll feel better when I can be right there with her.
Got a lot of planning to do, so I'd better get busy.

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