Monday, May 17, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 95

Whew! What a weekend. Long Beach Pride wore me out!! After a long weekend of prideful celebration, I had to get up early to do a voice over audition. It was indeed a struggle and I probably looked like a hot mess, but I got through it. Since I went directly to the audition from my hotel, I went looking for wardrobe for the second audition of the day, a commercial callback. I didn't even have the energy to shop, so I chose an outfit from my suitcase, sat in my car and took a nap. It was the best thing to got me through (once again). When I finally got home this afternoon, I grabbed a neighbor to get a piece of furniture I'd been riding around with in my care for a week and we brought into my home. I laid down to take a nap and woke up hours later! Now I need to study my sides for tomorrow's audition. It will be tricky since it involves sign language and working with deaf and hearing actors. Those moments are a like a well choreographed dance. I hope this blog is making sense. I still feel a little groggy.
I mentioned in a previous blog, that when it rains it pours, but have I mentioned that as soon as an actor makes plans to go out of town, they book a job? we go...I'm currently up for 4 jobs (that I know of) that work between May 20 - June 3. Yikes!!
I just thought of a great title for my book. You'll have to wait until it's published to find out what it is!!

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