Monday, May 24, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 102

There's no business like show business... I got paid today to sit around and eat snacks, check in on my Mom, get updates from my cousins and enjoy a really good lunch. Am I complaining? Absolutely not!! I was working (or supposed to be) on a SONY PSP commercial with child star Bobb'e Thompson. I was going to be his Mom in this spot. It was quite a different vibe from the GEICO spot last week. Today was a little chaotic but I can't say it came from the director but from someone else in charge. I didn't get the feeling the he was someone who people enjoyed working for. Everyone seemed a bit nervous and sometimes confused. I had way to much on my mind to even get involved, so I stayed out of the way until needed and that moment never came...I was released at 5:30PM with many apologies from the director for not getting to me. They even forgot me at lunch. I was hanging out in a sort of Zen garden with the craft services guy and thought that things had gotten rather quiet. Then I overheard someone ask him if he was going to lunch. I stuck my nose in that conversation and was immediately escorted to the shuttle to take me to base camp where lunch was being served by the same catering company as the GEICO commercial. Yummy! I had the most fun with the wardrobe, hair and make-up crew. I live literally moments away (I could have walked to work) so all in all it was a decent day.
Spoke to my cousins and my Mom who has been relocated from the hospital to the rehab facility and she's not impressed. Just one more day here, working on the movie tomorrow and then I'll be right by her side...hopefully to take her home. I know she would prefer that. As soon as I secure this rental car, my mind will be at rest. For now.

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