Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 54

Happy Easter! Slept in today, didn't make it to sunrise service, but it's all good since I went to Good Friday's blessed event. Just relaxed around the house today, took a nice long walk to the ocean. This is day one of my 12 week walking challenge. I much prefer that to that goofy food plan I was on two weeks ago. I have a feeling I will be adding bicycling to the mix soon. It's just so cool to ride a bike along the ocean.
Caught up on a couple of episodes of Celebrity Apprentice. I can't believe Sinbad is gone already. I've got to catch up to find out what happened. Then I'll probably stop watching because Trump is still being nasty to Rosie O'Donnell which is why I stopped watching The Apprentice in the first place.
Gonna turn in early and read myself to sleep....

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