Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 74

This is a festival kind of weekend! So tired from two yesterday, that I couldn't even blog last night. Two blogs today. Yesterday I overslept and missed my Saturday morning walk with my friend Kimberly. When I called her to apologize, she said, "Well OK Miss Thing, we are going to the Festival of Books instead." Damn. I thought I would just roll over and get some more sleep. The Festival was at UCLA and Kim lives nearby so I drove to her place and we took the bus. I think I may have ridden the bus one other time in the 25 years I've lived here in LA. It felt like I was back in New York..kinda cool. The UCLA campus is so beautiful and huge! I had always dreamed of going to college there, but my parents said "No way" for some reason. The place was packed, ran into a few people I knew and a couple who knew me and caught an up-close glimpse of Carol Burnett as she was being escorted from a lecture hall to her book signing area. Since I hadn't planned on attending the festival I had no agenda and didn't really go to see anyone in particular, but I enjoyed milling around with so many creative/intellectual types. It was great seeing the families and all the kids being introduced to culture, literature, life. You know me, I'm all about diversity.
Then I drove down to the Newport Beach Film Festival to see a film that I am in called WAKE written, directed and produced by a Chad Feehan. Such a nice young man and he did a great job. It is not an easy film to watch, requires a lot of thought and processing to figure out what is going on, but it does come together at the end and it is very well done. I was able to produce a brief moment of comic relief in my scene. I wish Chad lots of success....I'm sure we will see more of him and I hope he remembers me for his next project!

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