Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 79

Took a long walk today. I had been walking around Santa Monica HS at least one time, but today I decided to walk around twice to see how I felt afterward. It was a good workout. Body felt a little tingly and I was definitely ready for some lunch even though I had eaten yogurt and strawberries before I started out on my little journey.
One thing I noticed was how I can appreciate high school students much more from afar than when I was substitute teaching. I actually made eye contact and smiled at a couple of students today, whereas when I was teaching, I wanted to hurt somebody. I'm just not good at that substitute thing. It was the last "job" on my list before dedicating my life to what I born to do....act. My mother always wanted me to be a teacher because she wanted to be a teacher so at a time when I was in one of the most toxic relationships in my life, what do I decide to do? Teach! I don't know what that was all about, but I am glad it's all behind me now. Right after I decided that I was done with teaching, I would get a stomach ache if I even drove past a school yard with or without kids playing in it. Now, I can stand outside the fence and watch the track team practice while I recall my days on the track at Martin Van Buren High School. I do love the classroom, but as a student not a teacher (unless I'm teaching stand-up comedy of course). At least there, I'm doing my own thing. I pray to God I never have to substitute teach in any public school system again.

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