Friday, April 23, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 73

I knew this day would come. Many, many posts ago, when I was whining about not having booked my first job of the year, I stated that a lot of things would probably manifest at the same time. This was the week. I had a Hollywood premiere for the release of The Back-up Plan, signed with a voice over agent and booked three jobs. Of course there was a conflict between two of them so I had to pass on the season finale of Glee. That's show biz! I am so grateful for all these blessings. This is what I live for.
I had my wardrobe fitting for the show I will be working on on Monday, then went to have a long overdue celebration with my friend Carol Ann. I picked her up from a gathering at her friend's house and met several people there who knew me from various venues, one being at the premiere Wednesday night. As I was conversing with some of the guests I noticed an Emmy sitting on a shelf. When I commented on it they told me it belonged to the owner of the house, Christian Clemenson who played Jerry Espenson in Boston Legal. I love his work!! We were introduced and I found out he is represented by the same management company as I am. Talk about a six degrees of separation kinda day! I could not leave his home without touching that Emmy. OK, I picked it up. Just for practice.

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  1. The only black woman with a speaking part, in the Back Up Plan, was the bomb! Oh shit...that was you Carlease! It was awesome to see a familiar face on the silverscreen. ILY
    James and Frank